Maxeon Solar Technologies Extends the Product, Power and Service Warranty on its Flagship Product Line to 40 Years

Maxeon Solar Technologies, Ltd. (NASDAQ:MAXN), a global leader in solar innovation and channels, today announced the launch of the solar industry’s longest and most comprehensive combined warranty on its Maxeon Interdigitated Back Contact (IBC) product line, which is sold in most countries outside the US and Canada under the SunPower Maxeon brand. The new warranty covers product quality, power performance, and services in select markets for 40 years.

While most solar panel warranties provide 12 years of coverage on products paired with a 25-year performance (power) warranty, the new 40/40 warranty from Maxeon includes 40-year coverage for defects related to workmanship and materials, power output protection, and the servicing needed to repair or replace defective panels in select markets.

The new SunPower Maxeon 40 Year Warranty is based on external field studies from more than 33 million IBC panels deployed worldwide, comprehensive accelerated life testing by Maxeon and third parties, and a physics-based model which Maxeon uses to determine the expected performance impact over time from major degradation and failure modes. Collectively, these give Maxeon and our customers confidence that the SunPower Maxeon module technology can support a 40-year warranted life, and that continued operation beyond this period is certainly feasible.

“We are delighted to be able to offer our customers the longest and most comprehensive warranty in the industry”, said Jeff Waters, CEO of Maxeon Solar Technologies. “We have spent more than 35 years refining the patented cell and panel design of our IBC technology and that has provided the confidence that our panels will last for more than 40 years in the field. This exciting step is part of our promise to customers that our panel technology will be the best value, longest lasting and most sustainable choice in the industry. This is what we call Solar for Life.”

To achieve this extraordinary lifespan, the core technology behind Maxeon’s patented IBC cell and panel designs include fundamental design differences which eliminate typical solar module failure modes – such as hotspots and cell interconnection failures – delivering robust protection against environmental stresses and wide-ranging climates while maximizing reliability and energy density. This makes the Maxeon IBC solar panels among the most secure long-term energy investments for businesses and homeowners thanks to a minimum warranted output of 98% during their first year of operation, followed by a maximum annual degradation of 0.25% for the next 39 years. The result is an unprecedented 88.3 percent warranted power level at the end of 40 years, meaning Maxeon IBC panels deliver up to 9.5% more power after 40 years than standard solar panels deliver after 25 years.

Additionally, longer operating life means that significantly more clean energy is generated by each panel, greatly improving the environmental footprint of the technology. Maxeon stands behind its products which enable customers to meet their energy goals while prioritizing the health of the planet. SunPower Maxeon panels are ROHS and REACH certified, do not use fluorinated back sheets, are Declare™ compliant, and are Cradle to Cradle Certified® Bronze. Maxeon has a zero-tolerance policy for violations of human and labour rights, and manufactures its products as cleanly as the energy they produce. Maxeon takes its commitment to Powering Positive Change™ even further with this extended warranty period, providing its customers with the comfort that they are boosting their energy payback and deferring the recycling of every panel by choosing Maxeon.

Simon Dudson, CEO of The Little Green Energy Company, SunPower Premiere Partner, identifies the benefits of the new warranty for their customers, “Considering solar is a long-term asset, customers want certainty in their solar purchase. The SunPower Maxeon 40-year warranty provides that certainty. Maxeon’s warranty, the longest in the industry, assures our customers more years of clean energy production and reduced environmental impact, giving them the utmost confidence that they’re building a better tomorrow.”

The new SunPower Maxeon 40 Year Warranty is effective for systems installed on or after January 1, 2022 and is available to all residential and commercial customers in select markets in EMEA as well as Australia, Japan, and Mexico. Eligibility and terms for the new warranty vary by market and are subject to registration on Maxeon’s website. The new warranty applies to current and future Maxeon IBC solar products, including the new Maxeon 6 solar panel which is scheduled to launch globally in mid Q2 2022.

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