free intelligence: all users to gain access to new metrics, competitive benchmarking reports and robust analysis features 

The new offering provides app developers access to powerful insights and ranking reports

App developers now have a platform to benchmark their apps’ performance against competitors and gain more granular insights across the app ecosystem for free. has unlocked many of its most powerful reports along with a new suite of metrics at no cost to all who sign up. 

Users of’s Free Intelligence platform can now view ranking and market trends of app performance (downloads, revenue, engagement), technology (SDKs), and companies. You can now understand your place in the market and compare your performance to your competitors.

Free For the First Time: Insights Generator, Compare Apps Report and App Ratings Over Time

Boost your app strategy with coveted dashboards, previously only available to enterprise subscribers. Among these include:

  • Insights Generator — a tool for unearthing advanced competitive analysis around monetization, audience attention, stickiness, engagement depth, and growth stage
  • Compare Apps Report allowing you to benchmark directly against your competitive set
  • Ratings Over Time — allowing you to understand how your (or your competitors’) ratings change over time in response to new features and app updates 

These reports allow you to gain granular insights on your apps’ strengths and weaknesses as well as the apps of your competitors, which apps are stickier in your target market, and which have cultivated deep user engagement and employed successful monetization strategies. 

To help you stay ahead of market shifts, is now providing the alerts feature to all users — helping you be the first to spot rising stars, identify movers and shakers and uncover which apps are trending down. 

Unparalleled Benchmarking: 3.5 Million Daily Ranking Tables Now Free to Everyone

In an industry-first move, we are also upleveling access to competitive benchmarking of top-performing apps. We have unlocked 3.5 million additional top charts to enable you to get a view into apps, technology, and company trends for up to 190 countries and across 46 categories. allows you to:

  • View top SDK installs across 33 SDK types;
  • View top companies and app developer accounts;
  • View top apps by free app downloads, paid app downloads, revenue, daily active users, total time spent, usage penetration.