Juniper Networks announces university research funding initiative to advance artificial intelligence and network innovation 

Research to focus on AI, ML, Routing and Quantum Networking for advanced communication 

Juniper Networks (NYSE: JNPR), a leader in secure, AI-driven networks, today announced a university funding initiative to fuel strategic research to  advance network technologies for the next decade. Juniper’s goal is to enable universities,  including Dartmouth, Purdue, Stanford and the University of Arizona, to explore next-generation network solutions in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML),  intelligent multipath routing and quantum communications.  

Investing now in these technologies, as organizations encounter new levels of complexity across  enterprise, cloud and 5G networks, is critical to replace tedious, manual operations as networks  become mission critical for nearly every business. This can be done through automated, closed loop workflows that use AI and ML-driven operations to scale and cope with the exponential  growth of new cloud-based services and applications.  

The universities Juniper selected in support of this initiative are now beginning the research that,  once completed, will be shared with the networking community. In addition, Juniper joined the  Center for Quantum Networking Industrial Partners Program to fund industry research being  spearheaded by the University of Arizona.  

Supporting Quotes: 

“Cloud services will continue to proliferate in the coming years, increasing network traffic and requiring the industry to push forward on innovation to manage the required scale out architectures. Juniper’s commitment to deliver better, simpler networks requires us to engage and  get ahead of these shifts and work with experts in all areas in order to trailblaze. I look forward  to collaborating with these leading universities to reach new milestones for the network of the  future.” 

Raj Yavatkar, CTO, Juniper Networks 

“With internet traffic continuing to grow and evolve, we must find new ways to ensure the  scalability and reliability of networks. We look forward to exploring next-generation traffic  engineering approaches with Juniper to meet these challenges.” 

Sonia Fahmy, Professor of Computer Science, Purdue University 

“It is an exciting opportunity to work with a world-class partner like Juniper on cutting edge  approaches to next-generation, intelligent multipath routing. Dartmouth’s close collaboration  with Juniper will combine world-class skills and technologies to advance multipath routing  performance.” 

George Cybenko, Professor of Engineering, Dartmouth University 

“As network technology continues to evolve, so do operational complexities. The ability to  utilize AI and machine learning will be critical in keeping up with future demands. We look forward to partnering with Juniper on this research initiative and finding new ways to drive AI  forward to make the network experience better for end users and network operators.” 

Jure Leskovec, Associate Professor of Computer Science, Stanford University 

“The internet of today will be transformed through quantum technology which will enable new  industries to sprout and create new innovative ecosystems of quantum devices, service providers  and applications. With Juniper’s strong reputation and its commitment to open networking, this makes them a terrific addition to building this future as part of the Center for Quantum Networks  family.” 

Saikat Guha, Director, NSF Center of Quantum Networking, University of Arizona