Top 3 Digital Transformation Dilemmas and How to Navigate Them

CI&T at Australia CIO Summit 2021

It’s unquestionable that digital transformation – or acceleration even – is now a crucial component of business strategy. Through the process of digitally transforming themselves, it is a fact that organisations are being confronted with dilemmas and chicken-and-egg situations.

At the Australia CIO Summit 2021, Leo Abdala, Business Director of CI&T talked about the top 3 dilemmas repeatedly confronting organizations that are going through the process of transforming themselves.

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1. Routine vs. disruption

How to balance the use of resources between the “brilliant basics” and exploring new areas? The brilliant basics grant predictability, and it can be easier to guarantee a (high) level of quality. However, the future of the company is connected to innovation and the exploration of new territories.

2. Scaling vs. preserving the 1-1 relationship with customers

Should you personalise your product or services to your customers, make them tailor-made? Or aim for an economy of scale strategy, delivering more of the same to everyone?

3. Short-term vs. long-term

Someone needs to look after the existing business, your current products and services. Meanwhile, someone else must think about new offerings and opportunities for the future.

When choosing to prioritise options for each of the dilemmas, though, having an assertive execution makes all the difference. It is crucial for unlocking growth and profitability.

Regardless of the choices organisations will be making as part of their transformation journeys, there are pivotal drivers that can help them execute better and minimise the impact of adjusting the course if recovering from wrong choices is required.

  • Keep focused on Minimum Marketable Product
  • Do not ignore scalability.
  • Leverage the energy from the leadership.

For more detailed information about these transformation dilemmas and how to execute better during the transformation:

Access full article and webinar recording or Listen to the webinar podcast on Spotify