Integrations and Automation that will Transform L&D

With Qstream Connect, every business can now take the next step in automating their business processes and their training systems.

Validity Group, an established boutique business consulting company, is delighted to announce the release of Qstream Connect Powered by Workato, designed to deliver impactful microlearning that seamlessly integrates with clients’ existing tech stack.

“This means that every business can now take that next step in automating their business processes and their training systems. Engaging employees across all the systems has never been easier or as impactful,” said Chris Tandridge, CEO of Validity Group.

“This new partnership extends the reach of our highly engaging Qstream microlearning experience by providing a universe of possible integrations,” said Jim Bowley, Vice President of Product Management, Qstream. “Learning is no longer just about checking the box on training completion. Our product validates that spaced repetition and scenario-based testing are scientifically proven to ensure learners are retaining critical information. Workato’s capabilities will greatly extend this value to our customers as a deeply integrated part of their employee technology ecosystem.”

“It’s critical that an organisation’s systems work seamlessly together to give learners a seamless learning experience,” said Gautham Viswanathan, co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Workato. “We’re thrilled to be able to offer Qstream customers an extended and enhanced workplace education experience for their employees with Workato’s deep integration and automation capabilities through Qstream Connect.”

As businesses get ready for the challenges of 2022, this is an ideal time to release the exciting new Qstream Connect. This means that now every business has the ability to ensure that everyone has the right level of proficiency for their roles and that the business has a performance-ready workforce. And that is critically important for every organisation during 2022 and beyond.

Qstream Connect meets your employees in your preferred tools to deliver, test and reinforce the knowledge that you require your people to have to deliver on your business goals. Plus, it also delivers you actionable insights for learning improvement and that drives business outcomes and improves results.

Silos are More Expensive than you think.

Too often, learning applications are fragmented and static. They just don’t provide the learning experience that today’s leading organisations need to effectively engage their employees.

Especially in a post pandemic world, organisations must find better ways to engage their people. The challenge for all training “events” no matter how they are delivered, is will it impact when it is needed? That it will deliver when it matters most is the real key to success. It should make the employees job easier as they can apply what they need, when they need it. If it doesn’t support that, then it is just “noise” and employees tend to disengage as a result. That may be just one of the reasons behind clients’ reports that only 15% of employees engage with their LMS.

With so many different platforms such as the LMS, the CRM, or the Human Capital Management system all working independently, means that the silos that this creates can make it very difficult to get a full picture of what is actually going on.

From a learning perspective, it means that trying to access reliable analytics on how learning initiatives are performing makes it hard to prove value. Whether that is value to the business, value to the leadership team and even value to the individual.

Compounding this lack of overall insight, is data entry.  Across all the various components of the learning ecosystem, which really should be consistent, this can be a significant issue. Manual entry of enrolments, user attributes and results are all prone to error and can also be very time consuming when done across multiple systems.

There needs to be a better way, and now there is.

Qstream Connect – working for everyone.

The release of Qstream Connect makes it easier for everyone. You can now leverage a broad range of applications for an automated, engaging learning experience.

This means you can easily integrate Qstream microlearning to your LMS, to your communication and collaboration tools. You can integrate your work management systems and your CRM, in fact all the systems that your employees use every day.

When you have an employee exit a training session you can have them automatically enrolled in a Qstream.

When an employee finishes a Qstream and demonstrates low level of understanding or knowledge, you can have them automatically enrolled in a training event.

You can have an employee’s comprehension levels of your sales playbook reflected in the CRM so that sales managers can cross check to validate performance and accuracy of forecasting.

You now have an automated system that delivers what you need to who needs it, when you need it. Plus, and potentially most importantly, you get easy access to all the data you need.

With Qstream Connect you can now customise workflows to automate your organisation’s unique business processes and information sharing across your systems.

Get access to Qstream’s engagement and proficiency analytics in multiple learning systems and BI tools.

Qstream Connect Benefits. 

  • Employees gain an efficient and engaging learning experience that is adaptable to their own proficiency level, leading to better knowledge retention and job performance.
  • L&D professionals can measure the success of their learning programs for continuous improvement.
  • Managers are able to quickly identify coaching opportunities and areas that need additional training, as well as reward and recognise top performers.
  • IT teams no longer spend hours upon hours building and managing complex integrations requested by L&D teams.
  • Business leaders can make more informed decisions through deeper insights by bringing data together from relevant systems.

Qstream Connect is Compatible with Existing Systems & Investments.