SIMCom: 5G will bring a new revolution in IIoT

A whole new world for IIoT

On November 18th, together with the partner Qualcomm and Ericsson, SIMCom held a 5G webinar ‘IIoT Revolution in 5G Era’, sharing the latest innovation in 5G IIoT area.

5G is a game-changer which enables faster, more stable and more secure connectivity. With 5G Core evaluation, testing and launch activities growing significantly across all geographic regions. In manufacturing, IIoT holds great potential for quality control, sustainable and green practices, supply chain traceability, and overall supply chain efficiency.

Acting as a catalyst for digital transformation, Qualcomm Technologies is at the forefront enabling the ecosystem with the solutions to update existing IoT systems and make 5G for IoT a reality. The needs of modern IoT include seamlessly transitioning wired factories to wireless with solutions capable of supporting both LTE and 5G connectivity. The Qualcomm 315 5G IoT modem was designed with industrial and enterprise applications in mind, built with premium gigabit class performance, low-power, and thermal-efficient capabilities to enable a new generation of fast, powerful and high-performing IoT solutions.

Industry 4.0 is merging operational, information and communication technologies with cyber-physical systems, enabled by advanced wireless communication and Industrial Internet of things (IoT) services. Manufacturing companies are betting on 5G to deliver ultra low latency, high bandwidth and reliable communication to realize the smart factory. As mentioned by Ericsson, Ericsson provides 5G lab test, enabling cost-efficient, reliable, and secure connectivity management and operations for any enterprise of any scale anywhere in the world.

SIMCom as a leading module supplier, has the closer cooperation with Qualcomm and Ericsson. SIMCom 5G modules have been used in IIoT area for various application, such as UAV, 5G CPE, Industry Router, live broadcasting. SIMCom 5G module SIM8202G-M2 has ultra-small size, which can be applied to all links of smart warehousing to solve the integration and optimization of various automation equipment information systems, including purchase management, inventory management, order management, sorting, rechecking, distribution,  location information management, etc. With the large bandwidth and short latency of 5G networks, warehouse operation control and task scheduling are effectively improved, and the order processing capability is more than doubled.

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