Info-Tech Research Group Reveals 2022 Tech Trends

Info-Tech Research Group has revealed the five tech trends for 2022. The determination of the trends is based on the firm’s exclusive research and analysis, including a survey of 475 IT professionals and insights collected from notable industry experts. (CNW Group/Info-Tech Research Group)

Info-Tech Research Group, one of the fastest-growing information technology and research advisory firms in the world, has revealed its annual tech trend insights for the coming year. Info-Tech offers research, diagnostics, and workshops to systematically improve IT departments, with the annual Tech Trends Report becoming the organisation’s most highly anticipated release for technology trends and recommendations. Info-Tech’s 2022 Tech Trends Report, based on insights from 475 IT professionals who participated in an industry survey, explores how ripple effects from the pandemic will impact the evolving digital economy in 2022.

Info-Tech’s survey was fielded from August 2021 to September 2021 and included similar questions asked in previous reports for a holistic, year-over-year analysis. The underlying metrics for the 2022 report are diverse, with representation from 14 countries, including Australia, and 16 industries, such as government, manufacturing, education, healthcare, financial services, and construction.

The findings, coupled with exclusive analyst research and expert perspectives, indicate what technology strategies will be the highest priority for technology teams.

Five tech trends have been identified for 2022:

  1. Hybrid Collaboration – IT leaders will have an opportunity to lead hybrid work by facilitating collaboration between virtual and onsite employees for a digital employee experience that is flexible, contextual, and free from the friction of current hybrid operating models.
  2. Battle Against Ransomware – Security strategies will need to adapt to the new caliber of ransomware threats to avoid operational disruption and reputational damage.
  3. Carbon Metrics in Energy 4.0 – IT is well-positioned to support conscious decisions about how technology choices impact carbon emissions and implement effective tracking of emissions across the entire enterprise.
  4. Intangible Value Creation – Blockchain technology poses a new technological frontier that enables peer-to-peer exchange. Decentralized technologies will propel the digital economy and redefine how central banks distribute currency, and how platforms track provenance for scarce digital assets.
  5. Automation as a Service – Application programming interfaces (APIs) will accelerate innovation by unlocking marketplaces of ready-to-use solutions to solve business problems and automating manual tasks to make more time for creativity.

“It’s clear that we’re not going to rebound to what business was like before the pandemic. Deterred from gathering in physical spaces, people have shifted much of their spending and activities to an online context. That’s why we’ve seen digital transformation accelerated over the last 20 months as companies either scramble to adapt to shifting customer expectations or get left behind,” says Brian Jackson, Research Director for the CIO space at Info-Tech and one of the principal research leads for the 2022 Tech Trends Report. “For leaders of IT departments, the opportunity is to help businesses grow revenue by enabling that digital transformation. Info-Tech’s 2022 Tech Trends Report focuses on the IT capabilities that will have the most impact in that regard, demonstrating use cases for new technologies that will help advance the maturity of IT in the coming year.”

Top research takeaways from the 2022 Tech Trends Report:

  • Survey respondents revealed that only 18% of employees want to return to the office while 70% of employers want their staff back onsite. In 2022, it is believed that 79% of organisations will have a mix of employees in the office and remote, with 35% indicating that role type will be a determining factor in the feasibility of a hybrid model.
  • 62% of IT professionals say they are more concerned about being a victim of ransomware than they were one year ago, and 42% feel employees must do much more to help defend against ransomware.
  • 2022 will see new laws from governments influencing an organisation’s decision to reduce emissions. 68% of organizations say they have a commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The most popular approaches cited included retiring older IT equipment or using renewable energy sources.
  • With the shift to remote work and the success of digital services due to COVID-19, 69% of IT practitioners say digital transformation has been a high priority for their organisation during the pandemic and indicate that it will remain a priority moving forward, with one-third of IT respondents saying their organizations were “extremely focused” on this shift.

The 2022 Tech Trends report also includes insights in the form of exclusive podcast audio, quotes, and case studies from technology experts at Microsoft, Intel, Zoho, and Farmers Edge, who spoke to Info-Tech about their experiences. There are also perspectives from leaders at Clio, Erasmus University Rotterdam, and S!NG, including Raine Maida, singer from Our Lady Peace and the Chief Product Officer of S!NG.

“We’ve collected case studies from the cutting-edge leaders to demonstrate how organisations can move from exploration of these external factors into the implementation of new technologies and processes to harness opportunities and negate threats in the coming year,” says Brian Jackson. “By including excerpts from our Tech Insights podcast series, IT professionals can hear directly from the source. This annual report will enable technology leaders to position their teams to successfully support business growth in 2022, no matter the industry.”  

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