ITE signs MOU with VIZZIO to Launch New Centre of Excellence, Harnessing the Power of 3D Virtualization

Universal Omniverse Experience Centre to leverage Geo-Spatial, 3D Virtualization and Digital Twin technologies to enhance training, accelerate SME digitalization in Singapore

(From left) Mr Peh Wee Leng, Director, School of Electronics & Infocomm Technology, ITE College Central, Mr Suresh Natarajan, Principal of ITE College Central, Mr Abu Bakar Mohd Nor, Chairman of Vizzio Technologies Pte Ltd, Dr Jon Li, CEO and Founder of Vizzio Technologies Pte Ltd, and Mr Lim Chwee Seng, Deputy Principal, ITE College West.

VIZZIO Technologies, a Singapore-based technology company specialized in creating and virtualizing digital realities, today announced a three-year partnership with the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) to launch a new Centre of Excellence – the Universal Omniverse Experience Centre – at ITE College Central. The Centre, which will leverage next-generation technologies including AI-powered Geo-Spatial, 3D virtualization and Digital Twin solutions, will deliver training programs to students and adult learners.

“As Singapore continues to advance its Smart Nation agenda, we need to prepare our students, adult learners and wider business community with the deep tech skills they need for future employability and decision-making. Together with VIZZIO, we are delivering a holistic curriculum, integrating education and real-world applications of 3D technologies to demonstrate the power of spatial data for industrial and smart city projects. Leveraging these emerging technologies, we are excited for what the future holds as we continue to foster Singapore’s deep-tech talent and unlock new opportunities to spur innovation and digitalization,” said Mr. Suresh Natarajan, Principal, ITE College Central.

As part of the MOU, VIZZIO will focus on training ITE students, ITE students, ITE lecturers and adult learners in 3D modelling and visualisation including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Building Information Modelling (BIM), Unreal Game Engine and Mixed and Virtual Reality (MR/VR). The courses are targeted at addressing three key pillars: Manpower Capability, SME Digitalization and Go-Green: 

  1. Boost Manpower Capability by Enhancing Teaching and Learning

VIZZIO will provide ITE with advisory services to support the development of a new multi-disciplinary curriculum for students as part of a revamped Game & Immersive Applications course. The curriculum will cover areas including built environment visualization and immersive geospatial applications to further enhance employability resilience and future readiness of ITE students.

VIZZIO will also support ITE’s ambitions to drive digital education with the creation of an Avatar Teacher, with a humanized face and text-based technology support. The Avatars will be embedded into PowerPoint presentations and learning applications to provide ITE staff with support in delivering a more immersive and interactive learning experience.

Under the partnership, VIZZIO is also a sponsor for the ITE Work-Study Diploma (WSDip) that aims to develop and nurture the next generation of Singapore thinkers with real life work experience.. Students can also apply for internship placements at Vizzio and have the opportunity to work and learn from the best in developing their professional skills for the future. 

For adult learners looking at sharpening their deep tech knowledge and skills, VIZZO will co-develop and co-deliver training courses under ITE’s Continuing Education and Training (CET) framework. ITE staff will also benefit from industry attachments to upgrade their skills. These opportunities will afford students, adult learners and staff exposure to latest industry trends and practices.

  1. Drive SME digitalization in Singapore

VIZZIO and ITE will also jointly design and curate short courses on geo-spatial technologies for adult learners and the industry. By creating an edu-industry community platform, this will provide opportunities for lifelong learning, workforce adaptability by co-creating with industry and help SMEs digitalize their operations.

  1. Foster Smart Learning, Smart Working

Integrating live video streaming and BIM (Building Information Modelling) technologies, VIZZIO and ITE will explore a Smart Building GIS (geographic information system) solution. This will help promote a digital ecosystem within the industry as students and SMEs can better visualize data, taking the theoretical to practical and measuring predictions or impacts more accurately and efficiently.

“3D technology is on course to become part of our everyday lives, from mapping the world around us to enabling us to experience entertainment in a whole new way. However, while 3D virtualization and Digital Twin technologies have been around for a while, they are typically complex, clunky, and expensive. At VIZZIO, we want to empower all users – from novices to digital experts – with easy and seamless access to these technologies,” said Jon Li, CEO and Founder of VIZZIO. “We are thrilled to be partnering with forward-looking institutions like ITE who share our vision in bringing these technologies closer to students and the wider business community in Singapore and look forward to welcoming a new generation of talent to the world of 3D.”