SleekFlow, an Alibaba-backed all-in-one social commerce software continues to build a strong team in SEA

SleekFlow’s first hire in Singapore is the country manager Asnawi Jufrie (left), Crystal Wong (right) is stationed in the Hong Kong headquarters as the global partnerships manager

SleekFlow, an Alibaba-backed SaaS start-up, has been grasping the global trend of social commerce and actively expanding in terms of hiring and clients’ profile across countries. This software with comprehensive e-commerce integrations and automation features enables full customer journeys across SMS, live chat, widespread social and messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. From conversations to conversions, it strives to make all happen in one place.

With solid sales and marketing team members coming from Salesforce, Google, and Easyship in Hong Kong and Singapore offices, SleekFlow plans to plant its seeds in SEA with an extensive hiring plan, recruiting accomplished content writers, designers, and talents for business development. SleekFlow’s founder, a 27-year-old third-time entrepreneur, Henson Tsai believes the growth for global headcount will be 3x by the end of 2022. “More than 50% of people in SEA discover products primarily through social. Merging social and e-commerce can simply drive more sales for enterprises remotely,” Henson stated.

With 5000+ multinational customer profiles across strong client-facing industries, shortly after the SEA market launch in late 2021, SleekFlow gained trust from traditional brand names like ZENXIN, Malaysia’s leading producer, distributor, and retailer of organic produce, and also a member of the International Federation of Organic Farm Movements (IFOAM). ZENXIN has been actively seeking solutions to make the best use of social commerce, especially during the pandemic.

“Social messaging is the most direct communication if we cannot do face-to-face communication,” Tai Seng Yee, the Executive Director of ZENXIN, said.

SleekFlow Singapore is currently led by their Country Manager, Asnawi Jufrie, who was previously with Salesforce as the ASEAN Team Lead, Business Development. He firmly believes in the value Sleekflow brings to customers, and the booming social commerce scene in SEA and the rest of the world. “Singapore has a significant social network user penetration of around 86% in 2020, which is believed to reach almost 93% in 2025. Social commerce is not just the future. It’s the present. SleekFlow for SEA is aimed to be the growth engine that enables brands to accelerate growth through socials and chat.”