United FMO partners with HokuApps and embraces enterprise mobility

Together they will be streamlining and accelerating the operational processes by building a fully integrated and scalable system that will provide real-time visibility and insights to various stakeholders

HokuApps, a global leader in the next-generation enterprise mobility solutions, is excited to announce that they are selected as the preferred technology partner by United FMO Pte Ltd, a leading third-party logistics and transportation company to augment their digital transformation initiatives. This transformation will commence with digitizing analog processes, unifying incongruent legacy systems, and aggregating its data in a single location, all of which can be easily done with HokuApps’ low code applications. The integrated transportation, logistics, and customer solution aim to reduce their administrative overheads, usher in an ability to scale their operations, prevent various miscommunications, delays & errors, improve their customer’s experience by increasing end-to-end digital visibility using real-time data & increase long term revenue.

United FMO is a Singapore-based logistics and transportation company that supports the petrochemical and food industries for their end-to-end road freight transportation requirements. It’s one of the few pioneers to register its vehicles with the Singapore Civil Defense to transport hazardous products around the country. It provides customized logistics solutions for end customers with a team of certified custom clearance specialists working around the clock, serving their customers with passion, speed, and a positive attitude. With over 10 years of experience in the freight transportation industry, United FMO enables its customers to clear customs and deliver freight in one seamless transaction, enabling cross-border trades.

As part of this collaboration, HokuApps will deliver a mobile-centric integrated solution that will allow United FMO to overcome its challenges in booking management, job assignment, delivery processing, shipment tracking, invoicing, and more. The aim is to create a digital infrastructure that increases productivity, enables the storage of business data on a secure platform, improves the end-to-end visibility for the customers, reduces operational overheads, limits possible delays and errors due to miscommunications, and provides a user-friendly interface to be used by their drivers and customers. With the self-driving capabilities of the HokuApps platform for data analytics and integration, United FMO can focus more on boosting its growth as a business.

“We chose HokuApps to simplify our routine processes, reduce manual efforts, and free our resources for truly-value adding tasks that will improve our operational efficiencies and allow for higher scalability. This collaboration with HokuApps gives us the ability to digitize our core processes, really putting us at the forefront in comparison to our competitors,” said Ramesh Panicker, Director at United FMO. “We are optimistic about achieving a definitive market advantage with the speed and powerful integration capabilities of HokuApps’ platform which will give our team the flexibility and agility needed to replace the existing legacy systems.”

“We are highly driven to empower United FMO by digitizing all their business operations and integrating them on a single unified platform for easy access. We are confident that we will be able to provide them with the right infrastructure that will help to improve their team’s overall efficiency,” said Arif Gafar, Director of Sales at HokuApps. “We are looking forward to designing an enterprise mobility solution that is capable of delivering real-time details and insights to their drivers and customers.”