latest anti-scam tech empowers businesses to stay safe filtered up to 900,000 spam emails in the first 3 months of business and found that 5% are scams, phishing, and fraudulent activity, a growing multi-cloud service provider in Singapore, is pleased to share that the brand has successfully filtered up to 900,000 spam emails for their customers consisting of businesses and entrepreneurs, since its launch in August 2021. The company found in a study from December 2021 to March 2022 that about 5% of such spam emails could potentially lead to a data leak and breach in a company’s security systems.

Amidst the proliferation of online banking scams, works alongside tighter security measures by companies with its focus on email hosting security, thereby preventing loss of funds and financial scams for businesses and individuals through emails. is looking at educating its customers and calling on business leaders in charge of security to be vigilant during this time and to include security as a necessary feature in business planning.

“There are approximately 3 billion phishing emails sent a day, which makes poor email management a weak link in your security system, and this continues to be a very immense and current digital threat. This means that the work we have done here at is only just the beginning. We will keep on doing so as more and more companies allow remote work which increases the exposure to connect to unsecured networks,” said Alvin Poh, Chairman of “At this juncture, my team is working on developing high-tech, low failure rate email filtering software, like’s AntiScam and SpamShield, that companies should adopt, to help manage this weak link when settling into remote working.”

As more companies begin remote working options, secure software to protect digital data should be adopted to ensure the confidence of partners and stakeholders.’s SpamShield solution employs a proprietary mesh of technologies developed over the years to deal with spam issues. This means all spam emails, along with potentially dangerous scam emails, get automatically filtered through this technology. Currently, SpamShield has generated 99% accuracy for 14,000 businesses in clearing spam accurately, saving businesses time and money, allowing stakeholders to concentrate on actually running on more important aspects of the business.

Besides preventing the advent of fraudulent emails in any business’s system, also currently offers a range of cloud-based web hosting and email hosting solutions that solves pain points such as slow connectivity, delivery rates, high-traffic levels, and unauthorised access. Now in its beta stage,’s AntiScam software will be completed in the coming months to stop businesses from receiving any scam emails.