DigitalCFO Asia: Laiye Annual Global Summit 2022 – The smart successor of Legacy RPA

Intelligent Automation: The smart successor of Legacy RPA

26 May 2022
Thursday, 9.30am to 11.30am (GMT +8)

There was a time when the rise of RPAs was considered the future of technology in the workplace. However, given the digital disruption in the workspace, taking it to the next level seems the only smart choice. Here is where Intelligent Automation comes into play.

In view of how eager all markets are to return back to their feet, they are more than willing to take a huge leap forward into automation. The economic shift made them realize that it’s not the people, but it’s the workflows and systems that are affecting the performance of their organization. This means that there is no space for mundane and repetitive tasks.

This is where Intelligent Automation helps in generating value creation for industries. This solution introduces tools that facilitate a smarter and faster workflow which promotes business efficiency. Thus, the tool used to gain a competitive advantage before became the source of survival and breakthrough.

Join DigitalCFO Asia, together with Laiye and a recognized global expert, author, thought leader, and pioneer in AI-powered automation and IA, Pascal Bornet, as we discover the impact of Intelligent Automation solutions on your organization.