AboitizPower launches Data Innovation Program to improve operations and customer service

AboitizPower executives and innovation leaders during the Data Innovation Program launch

AboitizPower, in partnership with Aboitiz Data Innovation, takes innovation one step further with its  recently launched Data Innovation Program underscoring the company’s continued foray into artificial  intelligence (AI) and technology to create shared value and make real, significant impacts in driving  down the cost of electricity and improving power reliability and security in the country.  

AboitizPower President and CEO Emmanuel V. Rubio stressed the importance of innovation and data  science in making impactful progress to move the bottomline of the company and at the same time,  benefit consumers. “We seek to not just experiment for the sake of experimentation, but to experiment  to solve real operational problems that matter and will provide financial return and the opportunity for  market leadership,” he said in his opening remarks. 

The Data Innovation program is anchored to the Aboitiz Group’s aim to become the first techglomerate  in the Philippines by undergoing transformative and inclusive change. For AboitizPower, it is a  concerted effort to make innovation and data science a driving force in all fronts of the business  including generation, distribution, and commercial operations. 

AboitizPower Chief Data Officer and Aboitiz Data Innovation General Manager for Power Industry Luis 

Gonzalez emphasized that limitless possibilities powered by learning algorithms allow for energy  transition to advance sustainability and transformative opportunities in addressing risks and operational  challenges.  

“AboitizPower’s collaboration with Aboitiz Data Innovation will enable and accelerate business  strategies targeted at creating long-term value for its customers and key stakeholders as well as helping  reduce impact to the environment and the cost of electricity per kWh,” he added. 

The company is exploring the following innovation projects proposed by AboitizPower team members to  jumpstart the program and improve operational efficiency and enable the company to deliver maximum  value to its customers:  

Battery optimization allowing more usage predictability on the best potential uses of industrial  batteries as well as its power sources, thereby improving efficiency and reliability, among others  in AboitizPower  

Visual Anomaly Detection using satellite imagery analysis to find and predict encroachment of  plants and trees on AboitizPower’s poles, wires, and other electrical distribution assets, which  allows for better planning and execution of tree trimming operations leading to fewer power  outages and improved safety performance 

Optimization and upgrade of installed field and network equipment across the franchise areas  of AboitizPower for more intelligent troubleshooting and preventive maintenance 

Intelligent account management and collection leveraging behavior-based analytics and  economics to help reduce service disconnections of AboitizPower’s Distribution Utilities  customers 

Predictive analytics to lessen unplanned outages across AboitizPower thermal units through the  use of alarms and warnings and help effectively manage dynamic operations and preventive  maintenance of power equipment 

Provide intelligent benchmarking of AboitizPower-managed plants against industry metrics and  performance that leads to a smarter financial forecasting and operational planning 

“We want to be able to leverage technology to create a better energy future for the Philippines. The  lower the cost of service we can provide, the better our customers are going to be, and the better  economy we will have,” AboitizPower Chief Corporate Services Officer Carlos Aboitiz said in his message  during the program launch. 

Another key aspect of the Data Innovation Program is the strengthening of the innovation culture and  digital citizenship within the organization. It nurtures understanding on the importance of data science  and provides an encouraging environment for analysis, investigation, and personal growth.  

“The key to success in this endeavor is to keep an open mind, to embrace change, and to relentlessly  focus on making data innovation real,” Rubio added. 

This is also a major part of AboitizPower’s overarching Digital Transformation Strategy or DigitaLeap  program which aims to inculcate a more agile, collaborative, and digital-ready mindset. 

AboitizPower looks forward to an exciting energy future as the company continues to fulfill its promise  of delivering reliable, sustainable, and reasonably-priced power with innovative solutions and cutting edge technologies.