Entrust Expands BIMI Partnership with Red Sift to Make it Easy for Enterprises to Adopt New Standard for Email Identification and Security

Under a broadened strategic partnership, Entrust now resells the Red Sift integrated OnDMARC Solution with Entrust Verified Mark Certificates (VMCs)

SINGAPORE – May 25, 2022 –Entrust, a leading provider of trusted identities, payments and data protection, and Red Sift, provider of the only integrated cloud email security and brand protection platform, today announced an expansion of their strategic partnership to ease enterprise adoption of Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) standards for email identification and security. Building on the Entrust – Red Sift integration, Entrust is now reselling Red Sift OnDMARC management service to its customers.

BIMI standards combine strong email authentication using DMARC with Verified Mark Certificates (VMCs) to enable a sender to display their trusted, registered trademark in their customer’s email inbox. The integration between Red Sift’s award-winning OnDMARC and Entrust VMCs provides enterprises a simple and cost-effective way to enhance their outbound email strategy.

Last year, the companies’ jointly released research into the impact BIMI can have on the click-to-open and brand recall rates of emails. The data showed display of a registered trademark using BIMI standards could help to increase average purchase likelihood by as much as 34% for some brands and could also boost brand recall by as much as 18%. This finding is supported by other research in the 2021 DMA (UK) Consumer Email Tracker*, which said that recognising the brand is the top factor in consumers opening an email. One Red Sift customer has already seen a 4%-6% increase in email engagement after implementing BIMI.

“Entrust has seen a tremendous rise in demand for its VMC offering over the past year. This is due to the combination of both DMARC and VMCs, which provide email security and an organisation’s registered trademark inserted directly into a premium location, the avatar slot, within a customer’s email. This is a powerful tool for brands looking to be noticed in crowded inboxes,” said Chris Bailey, vice president of Trust Services at Entrust. “Entrust and Red Sift have enjoyed a successful strategic partnership over the past year that drives tremendous value for our joint customers. With our enhanced partnership we are creating even more value by enabling organisations to manage their logo and obtain VMCs from Entrust directly through Red Sift’s OnDMARC which helps makes it even easier for brands to ensure a safe, immersive experience for recipients of their outbound email.”

The Entrust – Red Sift partnership offers an end-to-end service for brands that allows enterprises to:

  • Access both VMCs and DMARC records through a single vendor platform, reducing friction and simplifying BIMI achievement;
  • Use a common service platform that supports a single source of contact for DMARC and VMC application, issuance and ongoing management;
  • Easily manage VMC and DMARC records and VMC lifecycle management including checking certificate status, renewals, verification statuses, as well as editing and reapplying.

The partnership supports the growing wave of DMARC and BIMI adoption taking place globally. According to BIMIradar, from December 2020 to 2021, DMARC adoption increased 57%, to cover almost 1.27 million additional domains. In conjunction with this adoption in domain protection, BIMI record growth has been accelerating — there are now over 12,000 domains that have a BIMI record, representing an increase of 88% since October 2021.

“This meaningful expansion of the Entrust – Red Sift strategic partnership reinforces how we are the leading combined force in driving BIMI adoption,” said Chuck Swenberg, VP Strategy at Red Sift. “We’re grateful for the confidence from Entrust to sell OnDMARC to its enterprise-level customers, as it proves the success of the investment, we’ve made together to offer an easy, full-service experience. As the only DMARC solution in the marketplace with an integrated BIMI offering with the leading VMC provider, we look forward to continued success.”

For more about the Entrust – Red Sift partnership, please visit here.