Rocket Software Launches ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator 4.3.0 to Accelerate Delivery of Innovation

DevOps value stream orchestration platform enables cross-team collaboration and improves alignment of IT and business 

Rocket Software, a global technology leader that develops enterprise software for some of the world’s largest companies, today introduced the newest version of its ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator (AEO) DevOps value stream orchestration platform. The update enables IT teams to visualize, automate, and coordinate end-to-end development and operations tasks needed to deliver solutions across operating systems, platforms, and business applications. It leverages the tools and applications already in place to provide the connectivity and visibility IT leaders need to manage all end-to-end processes from a single console. 

Without a way to manage complex value streams with DevOps automation and orchestration, enterprises struggle to deliver IT solutions to their end users and value to their customers with quality, velocity, and efficiency. To optimize business process flows, improve resource efficiency, and meet customer needs faster, enterprises need DevOps platforms that enable them to connect and coordinate the many tools within their DevOps toolchains and automate value stream fulfillment.  

Key features of AEO 4.3.0 include: 

  • Mobile ready browser interface with dashboards, easy drill-down, and status change capability for processes and tasks
  • Integration with Selenium® for automated test case management in the DevOps pipeline
  • Integration with Kubernetes® for automated Kubernetes Pod management in the DevOps pipeline
  • Integration with Azure® DevOps (ADO) for automated creation of ADO artifacts based on triggers in the DevOps pipeline

With these features, users can: 

  • Elevate DevSecOps by ensuring security is built into every step of your cross-platform value streams to protect your business and customers 
  • Enable cross-team collaboration and improve alignment of IT and the business with multi- platform DevOps value stream management from a single, intuitive solution 
  • Simplify and optimize business process flow design with visualization and choreographing 
  • Streamline governance with centralized configuration, visibility, and management of simple to complex value streams across platforms and applications 
  • Reduce time to market for complex value streams spanning multiple technology stacks through reusable orchestration from a single console 
  • Manage execution of hundreds of thousands of workloads and connect them between platforms, business, and technology for increased enterprise agility 

“Given the pace of innovation today, enterprises can’t afford to be using DevOps platforms that lack the integrations and ease-of-use needed to deliver value at speed and scale,” said Chris Wey, President, Data Modernization Business Unit at Rocket Software. “AEO 4.3.0 ensures DevOps leaders and their teams aren’t bogged down by disparate tools, complicated business process flows, and complex management of hundreds of thousands of workloads.” 

For more information, visit the product page