Huawei operator cloud transformation plans

Peng Song

President of Huawei Carrier BG Marketing & Solution Sales Department

Peng Song, President of Huawei Carrier BG  Marketing & Solution Sales Dept, spoke today about the company’s newest  plans for operator cloud transformation at the Carrier Cloud Transformation  Summit during Win-Win·Huawei Innovation Week. He explained how Huawei is excited to support these transformations by helping increase network value,  accelerate service innovation, and optimize telecom operations to unleash the  benefits of connectivity. 

Cloud is becoming a crucial part of industrial digital transformation, and is now considered a key economic factor because of its ability to reshape the economic  structure and market landscape of individual industries. 

The telecom industry has already entered in a critical stage of its own cloud  transformation, resulting in many new opportunities and challenges. 15% of  operators are expected to develop and fully implement a comprehensive cloud  strategy by the end of 2023, resulting in a telecommunications cloud market  worth hundreds of billions of dollars. To support this expansion and take  advantage of the new markets these technologies are creating, operators must prioritize the construction of more efficient and agile ICT infrastructure.

Peng believes that operators’ cloud transformation should be based on  communication technology (CT) and that operators should be leveraging the unique strengths of the telecom industry and cloud transformation to magnify  the value of their networks and services. He emphasized that there are three areas operators must focus on to seize the  opportunities being presented: 

First, in terms of network value, operators need to expand network  boundaries with the cloud and improve network value in the B2B  market to make sure these advancements benefit more customers. Networks are operators’ core assets, and operators can take this advantage  and advance cloud transformation in a synergistic way. 

In China, Huawei provides network and edge cloud capabilities to enable  operators to provide their enterprise customers with solutions for higher  productivity, enlarging their addressable market by 25% 

Second, in terms of digital innovation, operators need to build cloud  platforms for digital service innovation that they can use to launch  new services more quickly. Collaborative cloud platforms that bridge  telecom services and digital services will further accelerate innovation and  improve their customer acquisition capabilities. 

In Europe, Huawei has already helped operators migrate development environments, test environments, and hundreds of services to the Huawei  Cloud platform. This has helped some operators shorten the time-to-market for  new services by 75% through the use of an agile development platform and  telecom PaaS capabilities. 

Third, in terms of telecom operations, operators need to use pre integrated cloud solutions specifically designed for the telecom  industry to support sustainable growth of their primary business. Telecom cloud transformation requires cloud platforms that have a distributed  architecture able to meet the data security and management requirements of  adaptive telecom service architectures. A rational time line of cloud  transformation is also necessary to ensure services are robustly migrated to the cloud. 

In Asia, Huawei has deployed distributed clouds to handle a diverse range of  operator services and features, and used Huawei’s distributed data lake to  conduct correlated data analyses for different services, improving the 5G  package marketing success rate by 180%.

Peng closed out his address stating that, to succeed in cloud transformation  and provide quality services to customers, it is important that operators  establish strategic partnerships with those who deeply understand the telecom  industry and knows how to leverage the strengths of telecom. By the end of  2021, Huawei had worked extensively with more than 120 operators globally  on cloud services. Huawei has committed to further investing into ICT and  leveraging its localized service capabilities worldwide to accelerate operators’  cloud transformation and unleash the benefits of connectivity. 

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