Company joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program

Video Intelligence Platform provider, VisualCortex, joins the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program

VisualCortex – the Video Intelligence Platform connecting computer vision’s potential to real-world business outcomes – has joined the Google Cloud Advantage Program as a video analytics technology partner.

As a Google Cloud partner, VisualCortex offers customers the ability to realistically deploy enterprise-wide computer vision programs – from both a technological and financial perspective – for the first time.

Unlike camera-side or point solutions – which typically focus on one video analytics challenge per deployment – VisualCortex delivers a highly performant enterprise-grade platform to facilitate any real-time or historical video analytics use case. Built to work with both streaming and offline footage, the VisualCortex platform applies machine learning models to video content, enabling organizations to produce analyzable data streams about defined objects and actions. Insights from that data can then be embedded straight into customers’ traditional databases and data platforms.

“VisualCortex is making video insights accessible, actionable and valuable for all video-rich industries and business functions,” said VisualCortex CEO and Co-Founder, Patrick Elliott. “We’re excited to be accepted into the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program. The program gives us tools, support and access to a vast network of other technology vendors, fast-tracking the growth of our partner ecosystem and introducing us to potential new customers.

“We’re eager to show other Google Cloud partners and customers how VisualCortex is substantially lowering the barrier-to-entry for computer vision, enabling organizations to implement video analytics programs fast, leverage their existing cameras and infrastructure, run multiple machine learning models, and address many use cases within the one video intelligence platform.”

“By bringing its platform to Google Cloud’s globally trusted infrastructure, VisualCortex can quickly scale to meet the needs of customers while innovating on top of our platform and capabilities in AI, ML, and analytics,” said Nerissa Penfold, Head of Corporate Sales for Google Cloud in Australia and New Zealand. “We’re excited to welcome VisualCortex to the Google Cloud Partner Advantage ecosystem, and to support innovative Australian businesses as they build and grow.”

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