Company Launches App to Lead Customers to a Sustainable Future

DBS Hong Kong launches LiveBetter to lead customers to a sustainable future

“LiveBetter” in the DBS digibank HK app is a one-stop digital sustainability platform providing easy access to eco-friendly insights and tips and investing in ESG funds seamlessly.

Harnessing technology for good, the LiveBetter platform is customised for customers with green retail financial solutions while encouraging them to Live more, Carbon less.

DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (“DBS Hong Kong”) is pleased to introduce LiveBetter, a one-stop digital sustainability platform in the DBS digibank HK app that encourages customers who are driven by the purpose to foster more sustainable living.

How LiveBetter works

With unique features like Know Better and Invest Better, LiveBetter in the DBS digibank HK app aims to remove the barriers and customer inertia toward sustainable living. An industry first, the one-stop digital platform makes it simple and easy to access an array of sustainability-centric educational resources and services via the following features:

Know Better delivers bite-sized content that shows how customers can adopt habits that lead to a greener lifestyle. Customers can find eco-friendly tips and recommendations from the content hub and immediately put them into practice. It also conceptualises design and style that is commonly seen on social media, allowing easy consumption and retention.

Invest Better allows DBS customers to invest in companies that align with their values through SFC-authorised ESG Funds, or select from more than 350 funds with MSCI ESG Fund ratings of “AAA” or “AA” (data as of 17 Aug 2022). An array of ESG and sustainability-related funds and ETFs can be accessed seamlessly on the DBS digibank HK app[1]. 

DBS understands the growing customer urge to adopt a green lifestyle in a fuss-free and intuitive manner.  Ajay Mathur, Managing Director, Head of Customer Banking Group & Wealth Management, DBS Hong Kong said “At DBS Hong Kong, we are always looking for innovative ways to make life better for our customers. We are harnessing technology for good by creating the LiveBetter platform to make it easier for customers to do good and choose sustainable ways of living and investing.” The LiveBetter platform empowers everyday DBS digibank HK app users to contribute to eco-friendly causes while offering tangible ESG investment products.  In addition, customers can now easily access ways to live green with a simple click in the app.

DBS Hong Kong is taking an active role in driving sustainable development. The bank’s sustainability approach is underpinned by three main principles, including Responsible Banking, Responsible Business Practices, and Impact Beyond Banking.