Data Environment into the Cloud Being Modernized

Japan’s largest furniture and home-furnishing retail chain moves to the cloud to provide the business with greater scale, adaptability, and agility

Talend, a global leader in data integration and data management, today announced that Nitori Holdings Co., Ltd. (Location: Kita-Ku Sapporo, President, and COO: Toshiyuki Shirai), Japan’s largest furniture and home-furnishing retail chain, has selected Talend Data Fabric to help them make their digital operations more scalable, adaptable, and agile by moving and managing health data in a cloud environment.

Nitori Group has established a unique business model called “Manufacturing distribution IT-Retailing”. By integrating product planning, manufacturing, distribution, and sales, Nitori Group provides products and services that are not only inexpensive and of appropriate quality, but also “offers the unexpected” so that everyone can enjoy coordinating.

Nitori Group’s vision is to have 3,000 stores and sales of 1 trillion yen globally by 2032. To support the scale and scope of their business expansion, Nitori Group has been aggressively investing in cloud-native technologies such as micro services and containerization to promote the use of cloud computing. The company will use Talend to enable the rapid development of data integration processes between systems. Talend will ensure the productivity and quality of Nitori Group’s supply systems, including services and data that serve as customer contact points, such as store sales, e-commerce sites, and mobile applications, as well as for providing data as microservices in the cloud. In addition, a cloud data warehouse will be built on Google Cloud BigQuery as the foundation for data analysis, and Talend will be used as the data aggregation mechanism.

Nitori Holdings recently completed a complex integration to support an acquisition using Talend. The project, which was completed in about two weeks, involved multiple databases and internal data structure changes. “This experience strengthened our determination to establish all of our data migrations based on Talend’s solution,” said a member of the Accounting Management Analysis Team, Information System Innovation Office of Nitori Holdings.

Talend’s unified data management platform includes a broad set of applications that work together seamlessly to handle the entire data lifecycle end-to-end. Talend Data Fabric provides data agility within the complex requirements of any data environment, enabling organization-wide healthy data workflows that are understandable within a shared data culture and provide visibility and verification necessary for data trust.

“Companies moving to the cloud require a modern data architecture in order to continually optimize and create a healthy data environment,” said Gen Watanabe, Regional Sales Director, Japan, at Talend. “Nitori has a well-defined data management strategy that will drive their cloud modernization efforts faster and more successfully. Using Talend to integrate and manage organization-wide data in a multi-cloud environment, Nitori can consistently deliver on complex data projects without compromising flexibility or scalability.”