Company Expands Integration-led Automation  Availability in Singapore

Workato launching its solutions on Amazon Web Services will empower customers to carry out  mission-critical business process integrations 

Workato, a global leader in enterprise automation, today  announced that Workato’s solutions are now hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in  Singapore, across industries of all sizes. This will enable Workato to better serve customers in  Singapore and the APAC region.  

Workato’s expansion into Asia Pacific is driven by the growing demand for integration-led  automation, an approach that allows businesses to unify and streamline systems and automation  workflows. According to Workato’s Automation Index 2022, the global use of automation, the  application of machine learning and AI to reduce manual and repetitive tasks, doubled year on  year since 2020, with Asia Pacific and Japan seeing the greatest growth in the areas of automated  finance, customer support, and marketing processes. With Workato now hosted on AWS in  Singapore, its customers will now be able to deploy locally available end-to-end automation  solutions securely and effectively, from a centralized cloud that is built to the highest levels of  privacy and security. 

In addition to serving customers’ data onshoring needs, Workato is able to simultaneously deploy  updates to multiple data centers across all the regions it operates in, including the US, EU, and  now Asia Pacific. This minimizes service disruptions and ensures that Workato’s customers  globally will get the latest software updates immediately.  

“We are excited to launch Workato’s solution on AWS in Singapore to support the accelerating  growth and adoption of integration-led automation, and the digital transformation of organizations  in APAC,” said Allan Teng, Founder and Managing Director of Workato, Asia Pacific and Japan.  “Singapore’s advanced network connectivity and modern infrastructure, combined with its status  as a regional financial hub, makes it the perfect gateway to the rest of APAC.” 

With more businesses demanding enterprise-grade data protection features, hosting on AWS  Singapore ensures organizations are better positioned to meet data protection and compliance  requirements at all times. Workato customers also have the option to store, process, and retain  their data in Singapore, if necessary or preferred. “As Singapore has some of the highest  regulatory standards for data protection and privacy laws in the world, we are now able to support  customers with their data governance needs as they accelerate their adoption of digital  automation,” Mr Teng added. 

The launch reinforces Workato’s commitment to supporting digital transformation initiated across  the APAC region. It follows the recent announcement of its investment of SGD$300 million in the  region by 2025, as well as its goal of creating more than 700 jobs in Singapore. Since its  accreditation by the Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA) in 2021,  Workato has been accelerating its growth in APAC in 2022, including the expansion of its regional  management team, the opening of its Indian subsidiary in March 2022, the launch of its Digital 

Automation Hub in Singapore and the signing of three Memorandums of Understanding with  Institutes of Higher Learning in Singapore in April 2022.  

Stanley Chan, Head of Technology Partners, Asia Pacific, Amazon Web Services Singapore  Private Limited, said, “Organizations are building and operating their cloud-based applications on  AWS as it is the most secure, extensive, and reliable global cloud infrastructure. We are excited  to expand our collaboration with Workato with their launch in the AWS Singapore Region, to  support the growing demand from their customers in Singapore and across Asia Pacific.” 

Workato joined the AWS Partner Network in November 2021, a global community of partners that  leverages programs, expertise, and resources to build, market, and sell customer offerings.  Workato also participates in AWS Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Data Analytics (AIDA), a set of  AWS Partner solutions which embed predictive analytics into mainstream analytics workspaces.  AIDA partner solutions make it easy for business experts without technical backgrounds to use  AI and machine learning to derive better insights from data and act. 

Customers and industry partners welcomed Workato’s move to host its solutions in Singapore  and its extensive compliance and governance capabilities. “Placing their bet in Singapore as the  regional data hub, Workato is well placed to serve the APAC region and facilitate data networking.  IMDA Accreditation will continue to provide Workato with impetus to accelerate their expansion in  the region,” said Mr Edwin Low, Director of Enterprise and Ecosystem Development, Infocomm  Media Development Authority of Singapore.