Collaboration Between Companies to Advance Apache Cassandra and Apache Pulsar-based Technologies

Collaboration designed to deliver technologies and solutions that enhance the performance of powerful NoSQL Cassandra database and Pulsar streaming technologies on Intel’s family of processors

DataStax, the real-time data company, announced a strategic collaboration with Intel to enhance the performance of technologies built on the open source Apache Cassandra® database and the Apache Pulsar™ messaging and streaming technology on latest Intel Xeon Scalable processors.  The companies plan to deliver enterprise and cloud solutions built on these powerful open source projects as well as contribute advancements to the respective open source projects. DataStax has been selected for the Intel Disruptor Initiative, where Intel collaborates with select cutting-edge companies that are pushing the limits of innovation.

“Cassandra powers many of the world’s most demanding workloads, and Intel has always been a big supporter of the Cassandra project,” said Ed Anuff, DataStax chief product officer.  “We’re excited to work with Intel to further optimize performance of both Cassandra and Pulsar-based services on Intel’s powerful technologies.”

Collaborating for Performance Improvements and New Innovations

Massively scalable databases like Apache Cassandra run most effectively on hardware that is purpose-made to underpin database workloads. Through this relationship, Intel and DataStax are teaming up to contribute to the long-running success of Apache Cassandra with processors that have the capacity for this usage. The strength of Apache Cassandra and Apache Pulsar combined with built-to-last Intel processors will pave the way for smooth database operations and instant access to critical data. 

“As data explodes and workloads scale, it’s important that we continue to build upon outstanding open-source technologies like Cassandra and Pulsar to optimize their performance,” said Arijit Bandyopadhyay – CTO Enterprise Analytics and AI, Head of Strategy – Cloud and Enterprise, Data Center Group, Intel Corporation. “Working with DataStax, we help ensure that these powerful technologies perform great on Intel Architecture by providing developers and customers the latest innovations for modern data applications.”

The Intel-DataStax collaboration will also focus on bringing the latest Cassandra and Pulsar technologies to universities across the globe to accelerate the pace of innovation and educate the next generation of developers and data scientists on these powerful open-source projects.  

“It’s an exciting time for Apache Cassandra,” with Mick Semb Wever, Apache Cassandra PMC Chair and solutions architect at DataStax. “Used by companies such as Apple, Netflix, Walmart, and thousands of others to deliver massive amounts of data to users around the world, Cassandra is now evolving quickly with upcoming capabilities like support for ACID transactions. Intel and DataStax have both been important contributors to the project, and it’s great to see them working together to further advance the project.”

Powering Real-Time Data with DataStax

DataStax is already a major supporter of the Cassandra and Pulsar open-source projects, with popular solutions such as Astra DB, DataStax’s cloud database built on Apache Cassandra. Astra DB allows users to access and leverage the full power of Cassandra with ease, without the pain of managing infrastructure. The serverless platform delivers global scalability, end-to-end security, and simplified operations.

The company’s cloud-native data streaming platform built on Apache Pulsar, Astra Streaming, recently became generally available. It enables users to update event driven architecture and amplify their data in motion strategy.