Call for Agile Cybersecurity Measures across APAC

Singapore’s Homegrown Cybersecurity Leader Ensign InfoSecurity Launches Cyber Central Command System and Ensign Helios at GovWare 2022

Ensign InfoSecurity, the largest pure-play, end-to-end cybersecurity service provider in Asia, today announced the launch of its proprietary cyber analytics platform for advanced threat detection – Ensign Helios, which powers the new Cyber Central Command System (C3S), at GovWare 2022. As the cornerstone sponsor of GovWare 2022, Ensign had a stellar line-up of speakers, panellist and moderators, including Lee Fook Sun, Chairman, Steven Ng, CIO and EVP of Managed Security Services, Chan Kok Leong, VP of Engineering, Teo Xiang Zheng, VP of Advisory and Charles Ng, EVP of International Business, sharing insights on the dynamic cybersecurity landscape and how organisations and governments can harness the power of cyber analytics to mitigate risk and maintain a secure environment. 

As countries and sectors re-open in the post-pandemic landscape, the management of ever-evolving cyber threats is increasingly critical due to the speed and scope of growth in the Asia-Pacific region’s digital footprint and connectivity. 

Organised crime and threat groups are enhancing their attack capabilities, whilst expanding their repertoire of attack vectors to include IoT, OT, mobile and device firmware, based on Ensign InfoSecurity’s Cyber Threat Landscape Report 2022. Hence, governments and organisations must be made more cyber resilient in the face of more frequent and faster cyberattacks by identifying the risks sooner and protecting themselves with the best systems and practices on an on-going basis.

“Threat actors have grown their attacking capabilities putting mobile and device firmware at amplified risk. Organisations have to detect, understand and respond faster to increasingly sophisticated threats, not just from a technical perspective, but one that includes strategic, operational, and public communications,” said Mr Lee Fook Sun, Ensign InfoSecurity Chairman, in his keynote speech titled “Exploiting AI for Speed to Detect and Speed to Respond.” 

“Adopting a threat-based approach to cybersecurity, Ensign is ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving threat landscape and is fully equipped to support organizations and governments in their digital transformation efforts while helping them maintain the ideal cybersecurity posture. Our advanced solutions, based on Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics are well-poised to provide bespoke solutions to shift cybersecurity planning and management from reactive action to continuous strategy,” he added. 

Ms Tammie Tham, Group CEO of Ensign InfoSecurity said, “Cybersecurity is more relevant than ever for Singapore and the region. Ensign strives to be a leading business enabler, providing end-to-end cybersecurity solutions that assist organisations in maintaining a top-form cybersecurity environment. The launch of the C3S and Helios boost our confidence in improving the cyber defence and cyber resiliency of our customers.”

Ensign Helios’ suite of solutions include anti-phishing and data exfiltration detection capabilities, using advanced machine learning and behavioural analytics to solve the challenges of phishing and data exfiltration attacks, enabling organisations to better defend against emerging threats. 

Ensign’s threat intelligence circles around key features that include risk and threat monitoring of known and unknown incidents and events. Situational awareness is provided through analysis of current state threat levels across the scope, uncovering critical insights to support decision making. 

The C3S enables full visibility of cyberspace terrain offering unparalleled situational awareness and insights to support mission critical decision making. Designed to be scalable to address organisations of all sizes and geographic footprint, Helios supports analysts with rapid triage and investigations to enable quick response to threats. Automated threat discovery with built-in AI, behavioural analytics and Machine Learning supports anomaly detection for indicators of threats while the decision support system allows for better management of cyber operations tasking and resource allocation. 

Ensign InfoSecurity is ranked 6th in a worldwide survey of MSSPs (Managed Security Services Providers). The MSSP Alert Top 250 MSSPs list and research, identify and honour the top MSSPs worldwide by tracking the MSSP’s market’s ongoing growth and evolution. Since the firm’s formation in 2018, Ensign has expanded rapidly and currently has offices and operations across Asia Pacific and Europe, serving over 700 companies and government organisations. 

GovWare is held in conjunction with Singapore International Cyber Week (SICW), Asia-Pacific’s most established cybersecurity event, with global policy makers, industry leaders and top academia from across the world.