Webex by Cisco Advances Hybrid Work with Breakthrough Innovations & Partnerships

Cisco kicks off WebexOne 2022 with innovations in the Webex Suite to reimagine workspaces and enable flexible workstyles

• Cisco partners with Microsoft to give customers the option to run Microsoft Teams on world class Cisco collaboration devices.  

• New advancements address hybrid work challenges in security and manageability. This includes  integration between Webex Control Hub and Cisco Spaces to improve the return-to-office  experience, and audio watermarking to protect confidential meeting content.

Today, at WebexOne 2022, Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) made several key  announcements, including major updates to the Webex Suite, a new collaboration device and new  partnerships to expand its collaboration footprint. To help customers large and small solve the myriad of  challenges they’re grappling with as offices reopen, Cisco’s innovations enhance workspaces and  empower people with the flexibility to “work their way” – all while being easy to use and manage.  

“Hybrid work is both different and harder than how we worked before. Regardless of job function – frontline worker, knowledge worker, IT admin or contact center agent – people expect and deserve an  amazing experience no matter where or how they work,” said Jeetu Patel, EVP and GM, Cisco Security  and Collaboration. “This requires a holistic solution that only Cisco can deliver with its integrated  platform across collaboration software, devices, networking and security.”  

Reimagined workspaces in the office, at home and everywhere in between 

98% of meetings will have remote video attendees. Yet only 11% of meeting rooms are video enabled  (Frost & Sullivan “State of the Global Video Conferencing Devices Market, October 2022”). Both home  offices and office spaces require video devices to help people collaborate and feel their best. And with a  2022 survey of customers finding that 85% use more than one meeting platform, it’s critical those video  devices provide seamless interoperability with the platforms colleagues and customers use. New  partnerships and capabilities: 

Cisco Partners with Microsoft: Cisco is partnering with Microsoft, enabling the Microsoft Teams  Rooms experience on Cisco’s industry-leading collaboration devices wherever people choose to  work. Customers and IT benefit from the best quality, highly inclusive and manageable set of  devices with Cisco, along with the flexibility to choose their collaboration experience.  

New Collaboration Device: The new Cisco Room Kit EQ is one of the industry’s most advanced  collaboration device solutions for large workspaces. Powered by the Cisco Codec EQ, an AI based computing appliance, the Room Kit EQ enables true-to-life meeting experiences, bringing  seamless integration to video-enable and transform large spaces for inclusive hybrid work. 

Hybrid Workspace Blueprint: For the first time Cisco is offering a repeatable Hybrid Workspace  Design Guide, based on its NYC office deployment, to help customers design next-generation  hybrid workspaces. It encompasses Cisco’s Smart Building Solutions, collaboration, networking,  security technology and more. Cisco’s approach connects the intersection of people, space and  technology. It supports triple-screens, offers embedded camera and audio intelligence, including 

automatic noise cancelation, and the option to switch to bring your own device (BYOD)  collaboration, so customers can unlock the true potential of hybrid work. 

Flexible workstyles put people at the center  

Because there’s no single way of working and an entire spectrum of interaction types, organizations  must support all types and styles of work and events. Notable new Webex innovations supporting these  interaction types:  

New Whiteboard App: One of the most critical issues of hybrid work is enabling workers in and  out of the office to brainstorm or sketch on a whiteboard in meetings or spontaneously. With  the new Webex Whiteboard app in the Webex Suite, users benefit from a simple, easy-to-use  whiteboarding experience regardless of where they’re working. Anyone can start or join a  whiteboard and work together from a browser, the Webex App, or a Cisco device. Whiteboards  can be combined with Slido polls, saved and shared in a Webex space for asynchronous  ideation. 

Asynchronous Video: To give people time back and free them from endless meetings, Cisco  introduced its asynchronous video offering Vidcast, part of the Webex Suite, last year. Vidcast,  now generally available, has since saved 47 million meeting minutes and over 40 new  innovations make the experience even more powerful. Among the new features will be a new  AI-powered editing capability that drastically reduces the time it takes to create polished  content, and Slido integration to incorporate polling and audience engagement into shared  video content. 

Partnership with Apple: iPhone and iPad users can now share content from the rear-facing or  front-facing camera via the Webex Meetings app and annotate over what they’re seeing with  Mobile Camera Share. For the first time customers benefit from effective collaboration by  leveraging the high-quality video capture capabilities of Apple devices. For example, an architect  or frontline worker can share job site progress with clients in real-time instead of sending static  images or screenshots.  

Calling Innovations: Significant innovation in Webex Calling includes new integration with  Microsoft Teams, enabling users to easily make enterprise-grade Webex Calls seamlessly in the  Teams interface for a more flexible workflow. Additionally, Group Call Management is now  available for Webex Calling. This capability makes it easy for businesses to activate informal call  center services to elevate their customer calling experience, measure performance, improve  staff training, and deliver results without needing a separate or specialized contact center  application.  

Hybrid Events: Webex Events and Webinars provide the most comprehensive portfolio of hybrid  event solutions, all from a single platform. Now users will have access to a new lobby experience for virtual events that will support a variety of customizations, such as agendas, speaker bios,  sponsors, and more. New content widgets make it easy to embed any of those elements into  external event websites. With new production tools in Webex Webinars, hosts can easily add  custom branding and personalization to every event with the new Stage Manager. Integration 

into Network Device Interface (NDI) gives event production teams a new tool for professional  broadcasts. 

Industry-leading collaboration security & manageability  

Hybrid work requires comprehensive security and manageability to ensure the supporting IT operations  are deployed, optimized, and monitored effectively and securely. New updates put the power into the  hands of IT to: 

Audio Watermarking: Audio watermarking uniquely tags audio streams to every participant in a  confidential meeting with a marker that cannot be heard by the human ear. This allows  organizations to better protect intellectual property in today’s hybrid world with more highly  dispersed and remote teams. For example, if an employee were recording a meeting where  confidential information is discussed, the company could trace that recording back to the  individual regardless of how the audio was shared.  

Webex Control Hub integration with Cisco Spaces: Webex Control Hub is now integrated with  Cisco Spaces. This integration offers employees critical information, such as real-time occupancy  and air quality updates, that improves their experience when they come into the office. Facilities  and real estate teams benefit from real-time data to simplify the complexity of reconfiguring  and redesigning workspaces while supporting sustainability goals.  

IT Digital Coach: Control Hub as a Coach offers Webex customers an in-product digital coach  that takes the complexity out of improving hybrid work experiences. Control Hub guides IT  admins to achieve best practice set up, adoption quality, and create greater efficiency for  managing and supporting workers. 

The Webex Suite is the industry’s first suite for hybrid work that provides Cloud/On-Premise Calling,  Messaging, Meetings, Polling, Whiteboarding, Asynchronous Video, Webinars and Events in a unified,  highly secure offering.