New Solution for Securing Sensitive Information

New Outlook add-in offers customizable data security options for sending sensitive information both internally and externally

 PKWARE, a global leader in automated data security, today announced that it has released its newest data discovery and protection solution, PK Secure Email. This Microsoft Outlook® add-in automatically discovers sensitive information in email message body, subject line, and attachment and prompts policy-driven protection actions upon sending. PK Secure Email was released as a technical preview in November 2022, and is now generally available as of January 20, 2023.

Email is a staple communication for most businesses, increasing efficiency, productivity, and business readiness. But when security measures complicate the process of sending a message, users are tempted to find workarounds, leaving businesses at risk of releasing sensitive information unchecked via email.

PK Secure Email performs rapid discovery on email messages and supports various remediation options for any sensitive information uncovered, including blocking, warning, encryption, redaction, and sending to a secure mail gateway. Protections can either be fully automated, or configured with custom prompts to deliver optimal end user workflows.

Additionally, PK Secure Email is designed to be compatible with upcoming Outlook releases from Microsoft, and is available for both Windows and macOS.

“PKWARE is committed to supporting customers in all the ways they do business, including email communication,” said Jason Dobbs, Chief Technology Officer for PKWARE. “This new Microsoft Outlook add-in, PK Secure Email, further advances our ongoing support of Microsoft technologies and provides users with fast and secure options for disseminating sensitive information.”