SAP and Red Hat Deepen Partnership

SAP bolsters internal IT landscape by running a continuously increasing part of its cloud  infrastructure on the world’s leading enterprise Linux platform as one of its standard  operating systems for software-as-a-service applications to drive hybrid cloud innovation  and greater customer value

SAP and Red Hat extend support for the RISE with SAP solution on Red Hat Enterprise  Linux, the preferred operating system for net new business for RISE with SAP solution  deployments

SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) and Red Hat, Inc., the world’s leading  provider of open source solutions, today announced an expanded partnership to significantly  increase SAP’s use of and support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. This collaboration aims to  enhance intelligent business operations, support cloud transformation across industries and  drive holistic IT innovation. 

Building on the two companies’ long-standing collaboration, SAP is steadily migrating part of its  internal IT landscape and the SAP® Enterprise Cloud Services portfolio onto the standard  foundation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, a shift intended to better meet SAP’s evolving business  and IT needs. As part of its migration road map, SAP is boosting support for the RISE with SAP solution using Red Hat Enterprise Linux as the preferred operating system for net new business  for RISE with SAP solution deployments.  

A hardened, production-ready Linux operating system for hybrid cloud innovation, Red Hat  Enterprise Linux is trusted by global enterprises across industries worldwide. The platform  builds on this trust by offering a consistent, reliable foundation for SAP software deployments,  providing a standard Linux backbone to support SAP customers across hybrid and multi-cloud  environments.  

SAP’s internal IT environments and SAP Enterprise Cloud Services adopting Red Hat  Enterprise Linux can gain greater flexibility to address modern and future technology  requirements. Paired with the RISE with SAP solution, Red Hat Enterprise Linux offers  enhanced performance capabilities to support RISE with SAP solution deployments across  cloud environments, smoothing the path towards cloud adoption and transformation for  customers as they plan their next wave of IT innovation. Over the next year, Red Hat and SAP  will collaborate closely to deepen support for RISE with SAP solution workloads on Red Hat  Enterprise Linux and accelerate SAP’s adoption of Red Hat Enterprise Linux more broadly.  

To support SAP in more widely implementing Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat is providing  dedicated product engineers and on-site resources to assist SAP engineering and technical  teams in driving standardization on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and interoperability for SAP and  Red Hat solutions. SAP associates can develop critical technical skills and deepen their  knowledge of Red Hat’s hybrid cloud technologies through virtual and instructor-led Red Hat  training courses and hands-on labs through Red Hat Learning Subscription Premium.

This joint initiative to extend SAP software workloads on Red Hat Enterprise Linux is intended to  make it easier for SAP customers to achieve greater business agility, accelerate cloud  deployments and drive business innovation by building on Red Hat’s scalable, flexible, open  hybrid cloud infrastructure. Customers can now more readily streamline cloud transformation  projects based on SAP software, including SAP S/4HANA®, based on the RISE with SAP  solution underpinned by Red Hat Enterprise Linux.  

Supporting Quotes 

Lalit Patil, CTO, SAP Enterprise Cloud Services, SAP SE 

“Red Hat Enterprise Linux offers a robust, open infrastructure to support SAP software  deployments, providing a consistent foundation for hybrid cloud workloads. We look forward to  building on our legacy of innovation together with Red Hat to empower our customers with  greater flexibility and resilience across cloud environments.”  

Gunnar Hellekson, vice president and general manager, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Business  Unit, Red Hat  

“As organizations look to expand business intelligence and analytics systems across the open  hybrid cloud, they need an operating system foundation that is tested, validated and trusted for  these critical operations on every footprint. Red Hat Enterprise Linux already serves as a trusted  backbone for the global Fortune 500, and we are pleased to further extend this trust to SAP and  our joint customers as the common operating system supporting SAP software workloads and  business operations.”