Advancing Hybrid Cloud Leadership and Expanding into IT  Operations Management

OpsRamp and the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform will provide a unified approach to manage multi-vendor computing, networking, storage, and  application resources in hybrid and multi-cloud IT environments

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (NYSE: HPE) today announced that it has  entered into a definitive agreement to acquire OpsRamp, an IT operations management (ITOM)  company that monitors, observes, automates and manages IT infrastructure, cloud resources, workloads and applications for hybrid and multi-cloud environments, including the leading hyperscalers. Gartner  estimates ITOM to be an approximately $39 billion1 market.  

Integrating OpsRamp’s hybrid digital operations management solution with the HPE GreenLake edge-to cloud platform – and supporting it with HPE services – will reduce the operational complexity of multi vendor and multi-cloud IT environments that are in the public cloud, colocations, and on-premises.  OpsRamp’s technology – which delivers discovery, monitoring, automation, and event resolution with  artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) – provides end-to-end visibility, observability, and control  across hybrid and multi-cloud IT environments. These capabilities span multi-vendor computing,  networking, and storage, along with cloud resources, containers, virtual machines, and applications.  According to IDC, 64%2 of enterprises use multiple cloud providers; the ability to manage the IT  operations sprawl across heterogeneous cloud environments is becoming increasingly more important. 

“Customers today are managing several different cloud environments, with different IT operational  models and tools, which dramatically increases the cost and complexity of digital operations  management,” said Fidelma Russo, Chief Technology Officer of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. “The  combination of OpsRamp and HPE will remove these barriers by providing customers with an integrated  edge-to-cloud platform that can more effectively manage and transform multi-vendor and multi-cloud IT  estates. This acquisition advances HPE hybrid cloud leadership and expands the reach of the HPE  GreenLake platform into IT Operations Management.”

The HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform – the foundation of the hybrid cloud experience HPE GreenLake platform provides customers and partners with a unified hybrid cloud experience and  easy access to cloud services. With the addition of OpsRamp’s services, new and existing HPE customers  facing increasingly complex multi-vendor IT systems and workloads will be able to more efficiently  manage IT investments and remediate incidents faster. Organizations benefit from one platform from  which to automate, orchestrate, and operate their hybrid cloud estate. 

The OpsRamp capabilities extend the HPE services portfolio – across Advisory, Operational and HPE  GreenLake managed services – into delivering end-to-end support for hybrid and multi-cloud IT  environments. With this offering, customers can more effectively manage their heterogeneous cloud  environments, dramatically reduce their operating expenses and enhance the overall IT experience for  users. Capabilities include the consolidation of multi-vendor tools; automating and streamlining manual processes with AIOps; and significantly improving incident remediation with monitoring and  observability. 

Headquartered in San Jose, California, OpsRamp was part of Hewlett Packard Pathfinder’s venture  capital investment in 2020. OpsRamp delivers a hybrid digital operations management platform that  supports thousands of customers worldwide to modernize and reduce the cost of their digital  operations management. 

“The integration of OpsRamp’s hybrid digital operations management solution with the HPE GreenLake  platform will provide an unmatched offering for organizations seeking to innovate and thrive in a  complex, multi-cloud world. Partners and the channel will also play a pivotal role to advance their as-a service offerings, as enterprises look for a unified approach to better manage their operations from the  edge to the cloud,” said Varma Kunaparaju, CEO of OpsRamp. “We look forward to leveraging the scale  and reach of HPE’s global go-to-market engine to deliver our unique offering and are excited for this  journey ahead as part of HPE.” 

Today, HPE GreenLake supports more than 65,000 customers, powers more than two million connected  devices and manages more than one exabyte of data with customers worldwide. 

HPE portfolio integration and availability  

The transaction is expected to close in the third quarter of the HPE 2023 fiscal year, subject to regulatory  approvals and other customary closing conditions. OpsRamp’s technology will be integrated with HPE  GreenLake platform, available standalone as-a-service, and embedded within HPE’s compute, storage,  and networking solutions.