92% of Singapore Respondents Acknowledge Generative AI’s Significance, but Knowledge Gaps Hinder Impact

HubSpot Research: Majority of Singapore Respondents (92%) Recognize the Significance of Generative AI in Daily Work, Yet Incomplete Understanding Limits its Maximum Impact

HubSpot, the CRM platform for growing companies, has released the results of a YouGov survey on the use and attitudes toward generative Artificial Intelligence (AI). The survey findings highlight the positive impact of generative AI on workplace effectiveness and productivity. Despite Singapore’s strong technological infrastructure and innovative culture, the results indicate a need for increased awareness and training in leveraging disruptive technologies like gen AI in sales and marketing.

Generative AI tools, such as chatbots and content creation systems, offer businesses the opportunity to enhance customer connections while significantly reducing the time required for marketing research, data analysis, and reporting. The survey reveals that 61% of sales professionals and marketers in Singapore report that their organizations have already invested in generative AI tools, with 46% planning to continue investing. Moreover, a significant majority of respondents, 66% overall and 71% in small and medium businesses (SMBs), are already utilizing generative AI tools in their roles.

While respondents recognize the productivity benefits of generative AI in sales and marketing, they also emphasize the importance of responsible use. Over 72% of respondents believe that people should incorporate generative AI tools into their jobs, with 14% advocating for maximizing their use and 58% suggesting their use while avoiding excessive reliance.

Singapore stands out in its commitment to transparency, governance, and the adoption of disruptive technologies across industries. As AI spending in the Asia Pacific region is projected to grow rapidly, Singapore is leading the way by fostering a culture of responsible AI use. However, the survey reveals that a knowledge gap exists, with 60% of respondents admitting they don’t know where to start with generative AI tools. Education and training are needed to fully unlock the potential of this technology. Additionally, concerns were raised regarding inaccurate information (42% of respondents), surface-level or vague content (31%), lack of uniqueness (28%), relevance to goals (36%), and uncertainty in prompting desired results (35%).

Dan Bognar, Vice President & Managing Director, JAPAC, at HubSpot, highlights the importance of generative AI in meeting customers’ expectations for personalized and relevant interactions. He emphasizes that businesses should prioritize quality connections over quantity and asserts that generative AI is transforming work for Singaporean organizations, driving productivity and delivering better results with fewer resources. To fully leverage generative AI, businesses need to improve literacy and empower employees to use the technology effectively and responsibly.

Generative AI is proving to be a valuable tool for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in competing against larger enterprises without requiring substantial budgets or teams. It is leveling the playing field by enabling smarter working practices, allowing sales and marketing teams to focus on strategic and creative outcomes. The survey findings indicate that 61% of respondents believe that generative AI tools enhance creativity.

Interestingly, smaller businesses and those with lower turnovers (<$5M) are more receptive to AI-enabled innovation and are more likely to utilize generative AI tools (80%) compared to larger enterprises (57%).

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