Unlocking the Full Potential of SAP: ActiveDiscover Provides Actionable Insights for Agile Business Transformation

4 July 2023

Explore how ActiveDiscover provides actionable insights, improves decision-making, lowers costs, and mitigates risks in SAP change management, empowering organizations for agile business transformation.

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, organizations face the constant challenge of adapting to change while minimizing risks and maximizing efficiency. Basis Technologies, a leading software company specializing in SAP solutions, has launched ActiveDiscover, a groundbreaking addition to its product suite. ActiveDiscover equips businesses with actionable insights, enabling them to understand the impact of change within the complex world of SAP. This article explores how ActiveDiscover empowers organizations to make more informed decisions, improve accuracy, reduce costs, and eliminate risks throughout their SAP transformation journeys.

The Costly Consequences of Inefficient Change Management

Industry data reveals alarming statistics regarding software projects: more than half exceed their original estimates, nearly half fail to deliver anticipated business value, and a significant percentage are delivered late. These shortcomings lead to financial losses, missed opportunities, and disrupted operations. According to reports, poor software quality costs US organizations a staggering $2.08 trillion per year, with operational software failure alone contributing an estimated $1.56 trillion.

Introducing ActiveDiscover: Illuminating the Path to Successful SAP Transformation

ActiveDiscover works in conjunction with Basis Technologies’ acclaimed change automation product, ActiveControl. Together, these tools provide organizations with comprehensive support throughout the entire lifecycle of change. ActiveDiscover offers real-time insights and assists businesses in navigating the intricacies of SAP systems, facilitating successful updates and minimizing unexpected costs and failures. By leveraging ActiveDiscover, organizations gain a deeper understanding of the impact of change, identify security concerns, uncover technical debt, and validate effort estimations early in the process.

Tangible Business Benefits: Empowering Organizations Through ActiveDiscover

During the Beta testing phase, ActiveDiscover has already delivered tangible business benefits for early adopters, including renowned manufacturing and technology leaders. Clients have reported a significant increase in project estimation accuracy, exceeding 90%, as well as reduced risk of delays and enhanced identification of complexity. These benefits translate into substantial time, cost, and resource savings, while simultaneously minimizing the disruption that can harm business operations.

Empowering CIOs and Enabling Confident Change Management

Martin Metcalf, CEO at Basis Technologies, highlights how ActiveDiscover empowers clients to embrace every change, regardless of scale. By providing real-time insights, ActiveDiscover supports organizations in achieving higher-quality deliverables, faster delivery, and reduced costs. CIOs can confidently drive change programs, secure in the knowledge that tools like ActiveDiscover are essential for unlocking the full potential of SAP and ensuring successful transformations in an increasingly competitive landscape.

SAPinsider’s Perspective: Enhanced Understanding for Complex SAP Landscapes

Robert Holland, Vice President and Research Director at SAPinsider, emphasizes the value of ActiveDiscover for organizations managing complex SAP landscapes with extensive customization. ActiveDiscover enables improved understanding when rolling out updates by highlighting the impact changes will have on objects across multiple SAP systems and instances. This knowledge empowers organizations to execute change processes more effectively, reducing unexpected costs and failures while maximizing business value.

Making Informed Decisions in SAP Change Management

ActiveDiscover represents a milestone for Basis Technologies, equipping organizations with a vital tool to navigate the complexities of SAP systems. By providing comprehensive insights into the impact of every change, ActiveDiscover enables businesses to make informed decisions based on data rather than intuition. With the ability to identify security concerns, mitigate technical debt, and validate effort estimations, organizations can confidently embark on their SAP change journeys, unlocking the full potential of their SAP investments in an increasingly competitive business landscape.