Cohesity Cloud Services To Revolutionize Data Security and Management

Experience the next level of efficiency and cyber resilience in hybrid and multicloud environments.

Cohesity, a leading provider of data security and management solutions, announced today that it has joined forces with Cisco and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to offer Cohesity Cloud Services (CCS). This collaboration aims to provide effective data security and management solutions for companies operating in today’s dynamic hybrid and multicloud environments.

Cohesity’s strategic partnerships with Cisco and HPE have played a crucial role in delivering the advantages of the Cohesity Data Cloud to nearly 1,000 joint customers worldwide. The collaboration between the companies began in 2017, focusing on delivering integrated data protection solutions using Cisco UCS servers and HPE ProLiant and HPE Apollo servers. These solutions have simplified data management, enhanced cyber resilience, and enabled organizations to rapidly recover their operations in the face of cyber-attacks or disasters.

The partnership between Cohesity and Cisco has resulted in over 460 joint customers to date. Prominent examples of organizations benefiting from FortKnox, Cohesity’s award-winning cyber vaulting service, include the Master Group and Pearl River Community College. Similarly, HPE and Cohesity have aided over 600 customers, including Citizen Potawatomi Nation and Proliance Surgeons, in transitioning to a modern platform that streamlines data security and management, bolstering their cyber resilience.

George Ciarrocchi, the Executive Director of Systems and Networking, Information Technology at Millersville University, highlighted the importance of finding agile, secure, cost-effective, and efficient solutions to meet organizational goals. Ciarrocchi emphasized that Cohesity has been an invaluable partner, providing the necessary flexibility to leverage a hybrid, multicloud model while fulfilling data security and management requirements and achieving cost-saving objectives.

Curt Kwak, the Chief Information Officer at Proliance Surgeons, expressed the organization’s commitment to enhancing flexibility, cyber resilience, and operational simplicity. Kwak acknowledged Cohesity’s role as a valued partner, offering data security and management solutions that align with their evolving needs, strengthen cyber resilience, and reduce complexity.

Organizations worldwide face constant threats from cybercriminals, hackers, and nation states, alongside the challenges of managing data across hybrid, on-premises, and multicloud environments. Research indicates that approximately 89% of data is stored in hybrid or cloud storage distributed globally, leading to heightened security risks and operational complexities.

Cohesity Cloud Services is a comprehensive portfolio of data security and management offerings, with the cloud components being fully managed by Cohesity and hosted in Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. This software-as-a-service (SaaS) approach simplifies the management of multiple data workflows, offering backup and recovery, cyber vaulting and data isolation, automated disaster recovery, and threat defense as a service on a single platform. By reducing the need to manage on-premises infrastructure, this simplification allows IT teams to focus on critical business requirements, boosting IT productivity, morale, and business agility.

The rapid growth and industry recognition of Cohesity Cloud Services highlight the pressing need for cost-effective solutions that enhance cyber resilience while facilitating the transition from legacy to modern hybrid and multicloud models. Currently, one in five customers leverages Cohesity Cloud Services, and approximately 25% of all new customer and expansion business comes from CCS. Additionally, enterprise customers with revenue exceeding $1 billion contribute to nearly two-thirds of CCS Annual Recurring Revenue over the past four quarters, signifying substantial interest from large organizations.

Cohesity continues to innovate at an impressive pace, introducing its award-winning SaaS-based cyber vaulting solution, FortKnox, and DataHawk, a service designed to protect, detect, and recover from cyber and ransomware attacks. The availability of Cohesity’s cloud services has expanded beyond the Americas, Canada, and Europe to include new regions such as Singapore and Southeast Asia, Japan, and the Middle East.

Chris Kent, Vice President of Product and Solutions Marketing at Cohesity, highlighted the trend of enterprises shifting from incumbent technologies to modern platforms to reduce risks, enhance security postures, and restore systems quickly in the face of cyber attacks. Kent emphasized the company’s commitment to developing efficient and straightforward solutions to secure and manage data across various environments, wherever it resides.

Jeremy Foster, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Cisco Compute, acknowledged the increasing complexity and costs faced by customers in securing and managing their data while improving cyber resilience and recovery. Foster expressed excitement about the collaboration, which aims to deliver simpler and cost-effective solutions through Cohesity Cloud Services.