Helping CIOs Sleep Better at Night with Real-time Troubleshooting for Carefree, Transparent Network Reliability

With real-time troubleshooting and transparent network reliability, CIOs can now sleep better at night, knowing their business operations are in safe hands.

HKBN Enterprise Solutions (HKBNES), a leading technology provider, has recently launched “AegisConnect,” a groundbreaking one-stop connectivity solution that promises “Superior Manageability” and “Superior Security” to transform how medium to large enterprises manage their IT infrastructure. The solution aims to address the rising demand for reliable and adaptable network infrastructures in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

“AegisConnect” is equipped with cutting-edge technology and leverages HKBNES’s decades of experience in building and operating a multi-billion dollar city-wide network. The solution offers a comprehensive package that includes enterprise-grade fibre broadband integrated with top-notch network management and security technologies from well-known tech brands, such as Check Point, Cisco, F5, and Fortinet, among others. This integrated approach provides enterprises with a trusted, stable, and easily manageable infrastructure while ensuring data security.

William Ho, CEO of Enterprise Solutions at HKBN, emphasized the importance of reliable connectivity for businesses, stating, “Every hour of network interruption can lead to millions of dollars in business loss. Corporates today are prioritising reliability and adaptability of their network infrastructure so they can keep pace with the rapidly changing digital landscape amidst a shortage in IT talents.

“One of the key features of “AegisConnect” is its real-time log that offers clear visibility of network health, enabling enterprises to identify potential issues before they escalate into network outages. The intelligent usage trend analysis assists in identifying network fatigue and potential problem areas, empowering businesses to proactively address network challenges.

Samuel Hui, Chief Strategy Officer of Enterprise Solutions at HKBN, highlighted the frustration IT professionals face when troubleshooting network issues. “With fragmented visibility of our systems, it can take a long time to troubleshoot the root cause. Is it a network problem, or is the application service down? ‘AegisConnect’ leverages bleeding edge technology to create an adaptive intelligent network that proactively responds to different workloads and disruptions, enabling companies to visualize and solve for network problems before they occur,” said Hui.

To further aid IT managers, each “AegisConnect” subscription includes “AegisInsight,” a single-pane dashboard that offers easy access to network performance data. The platform allows real-time monitoring, and IT managers receive instant mobile alerts in case of any abnormalities.

For enterprises with more complex networks, “AegisConnect” offers the option to upgrade to its Intelligent Network Management platform. This advanced platform provides dynamic documentation, monitoring and change management, security automation, and troubleshooting automation. Furthermore, customers can subscribe to additional value-added services on-demand, such as volumetric DDoS mitigation and next-gen managed firewall and DNS security.

“AegisConnect” is fully supported by HKBNES’s industry-leading 7×24 services team comprising over 600 certified professional engineers. This team offers one-stop IT expertise, including consulting, deployment, management, and monitoring, ensuring businesses receive comprehensive support and peace of mind.

With “AegisConnect,” HKBNES aims to revolutionize how enterprises manage their IT infrastructure by providing a comprehensive and adaptable connectivity solution, ultimately empowering businesses to thrive and innovate in today’s competitive digital landscape.