Two Cybersecurity Firms Collaborate To Strengthen Security Stance For Enterprises Throughout The ASEAN Region

AZ Asia-Pacific has formed a strategic partnership with watchTowr, with the goal of bolstering the security readiness for businesses spanning the ASEAN area.

AZ Asia-Pacific has officially announced a collaborative partnership with watchTowr, aiming to swiftly enhance the security readiness of enterprises located in the Asia Pacific region. This collaborative effort involves continuous testing to identify vulnerabilities that are exploited by ransomware groups and other cyber threats.

Based in Singapore, watchTowr is the developer of the watchTowr Platform, a technology that seamlessly integrates Attack Surface Management (ASM) and Continuous Automated Red Teaming to proactively stay ahead of potential attackers. By combining in-depth visibility of attack surfaces with ongoing security testing grounded in years of experience aiding financial institutions, insurers, and governments in safeguarding themselves against aggressive cyber assailants, the watchTowr Platform empowers organisations to preemptively thwart attacks.

Functioning akin to an actual adversary, the watchTowr Platform operates externally to an organisation, persistently replicating the aggressiveness and determination commonly observed in real-world attackers. Dispensing with agents, deployments, and appliances, the watchTowr Platform simplifies the process for entities of all sizes to promptly heighten their security standing.

“In a landscape characterised by daily emergence of new vulnerabilities and attacker strategies, it’s crucial for organisations to identify their susceptibility to the latest vulnerabilities before being targeted,” emphasised Benjamin Harris, watchTowr’s CEO & Founder. Industry reports have indicated that the interval between vulnerability disclosure and live exploitation could be as short as 6 hours. The extensive visibility afforded by the watchTowr Platform equips organisations to forestall attacks even before they evolve into breaches.

“With AZ Asia-Pacific taking centre stage as our primary distributor, our intent is to bolster local reach and expertise across the diverse ASEAN markets. We are dedicated to establishing a robust local presence to better cater to our clients. Given AZ Asia-Pacific’s adept technical proficiency and established success across various sectors, we are confident that this partnership will firmly establish us as the premier platform for Attack Surface Management and Continuous Automated Red Teaming in the region,” remarked Benjamin.

“As a value-added technical distributor across the ASEAN region, we’ve witnessed substantial advancements and an increased demand for cybersecurity solutions, particularly in light of the growing menace posed by threat actors. AZ Asia-Pacific and watchTowr have jointly recognized the current opportune moment to develop a holistic, proactive, and automated strategy to effectively address industry requisites,” added Seth Ho, Managing Director of AZ Asia-Pacific.

In a rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape, the collaborative partnership between AZ Asia-Pacific and watchTowr marks a significant stride towards fortifying the defenses of enterprises within the Asia Pacific region. The combined efforts to enhance security readiness by continuously identifying vulnerabilities and pre-empting potential cyber threats through the watchTowr Platform reflect a proactive approach to safeguarding critical digital assets. As threat actors grow more sophisticated and exploit vulnerabilities with increasing speed, the alliance between these two industry leaders emphasizes the urgency of staying ahead of the curve.

With AZ Asia-Pacific’s distribution prowess and watchTowr’s innovative technology, this partnership not only reinforces the resilience of organizations but also signals a united front against the dynamic challenges of the digital age. As the partnership unfolds, it holds the promise of reshaping cybersecurity paradigms, underscoring the importance of collaborative solutions in the ongoing battle against cyber adversaries.