DigiCert Enhances Certificate Lifecycle Management for Multi-CA and Multi-Cloud Environments

DigiCert® Trust Lifecycle Manager empowers complete certificate lifecycle management for intricate IT environments, catering to both Microsoft CA and AWS Private CA. The platform further facilitates enrollment across an extensive array of integrated Microsoft and AWS technologies, while seamlessly integrating workflows with ServiceNow.

DigiCert has announced the expansion of its certificate management platform, DigiCert Trust Lifecycle Manager. This expansion encompasses comprehensive lifecycle support for multiple Certificate Authorities (CAs), such as Microsoft CA and AWS Private CA. Additionally, the platform integrates with ServiceNow to streamline existing IT service workflows. Trust Lifecycle Manager offers a cohesive solution for enrolling a wide range of Microsoft and AWS technologies, enabling organizations to efficiently manage both public and private trust for various use cases, including biometric authentication, device authentication, WiFi/VPN provisioning, and cloud infrastructure management.

Deepika Chauhan, DigiCert’s Chief Product Officer, emphasized the importance that DigiCert customers place on maintaining security continuity across diverse IT infrastructures that span different clouds and environments. Trust Lifecycle Manager serves as a centralized method for securing users, servers, and devices in all these varied environments.

In the evolving digital landscape of the Asia Pacific region, security for diverse IT environments holds significant importance. The expansion of DigiCert’s Trust Lifecycle Manager equips enterprises in this region to effectively manage their public and private trust across intricate infrastructures, as highlighted by Armando Dacal, Group Vice President APJ at DigiCert.

Trust Lifecycle Manager, with its support for Microsoft CA and AWS Private CA, facilitates various processes including discovery, issuance, automation, and revocation of certificates. It enables tagging, filtering, and policy application to third-party digital certificates that are imported and discovered. The platform allows certificates to be enrolled in a wide array of technologies through ACME, SCEP, EST, and other enrollment methods. DigiCert’s built-in integration simplifies the extension of the value of internal CAs, reducing the effort and expertise required and minimizing the potential for human error.

The expansion also encompasses native integration with various Microsoft technologies, including Active Directory for certificate autoenrollment and zero-touch provisioning, Windows Hello for Business for biometric authentication using certificates, Microsoft Intune for managing certificates on end-entity devices, and Azure Cloud Services for deploying DigiCert ONE solutions on Azure cloud infrastructure.

Similarly, the expansion includes native integration with AWS technologies, such as Amazon Elastic Load Balancer for authentication with certificates, and Amazon Cloudfront for securing CDN-networked domains.

For those seeking more information on adopting a unified approach to digital trust, detailed information about Trust Lifecycle Manager and the complete DigiCert ONE platform can be found on the DigiCert website.