Enhancement for Enterprise-Scale App Delivery

Discover VMware’s game-changing innovations in application development and cloud optimization. Explore how VMware Tanzu and Tanzu Intelligence Services are revolutionizing the digital landscape, driving software agility, and shaping the future of modern applications and multi-cloud deployments.

VMware, Inc. unveiled a comprehensive suite of new offerings within VMware Tanzu at the VMware Explore 2023 Las Vegas event. These offerings aim to provide customers with a holistic solution for developing, delivering, and optimizing applications across various cloud environments. Tanzu is a modular solution supported by a common data platform and control system, enabling seamless integration with a wide range of ecosystem partners. The Tanzu platform focuses on enhancing application-centric visibility, proactive optimization, and multi-cloud management. It combines existing Tanzu and Aria products with new integrations and innovations to revolutionize the application delivery process.

In the realm of digital transformation, modern applications and multi-cloud deployments have assumed a central role. VMware’s research underscores this trend, revealing that over 70% of CIOs are actively developing cloud-native applications. Modern applications designed for an any-cloud model have surpassed traditional applications in the enterprise. Recognizing the critical importance of software agility and speed in today’s competitive landscape, businesses are prioritizing application modernization strategies. They are embracing cutting-edge technologies such as AI, machine learning, Kubernetes, open-source solutions, and multi-cloud ecosystems to gain a competitive edge.

Purnima Padmanabhan, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Modern Apps and Management Business Group at VMware, emphasized the significance of applications in driving innovation and delivering exceptional customer experiences. VMware’s mission is to enhance customers’ business agility by accelerating application development, delivery, and management. Tanzu and Aria are evolving into the next-generation Tanzu Application Platform and the new Tanzu Intelligence Services. With a focus on applications and integration through common data and controls, VMware Tanzu offers a streamlined platform engineering and cloud operations experience, enabling enhanced software agility.

The Next Evolution of Tanzu Application Platform, VMware Tanzu Application Platform enhances the developer experience and simplifies application delivery.

The expanded Tanzu Application Platform encompasses:

  • VMware Tanzu Application Engine (beta), introducing powerful capabilities for application teams to specify business requirements, such as high availability and security, which are automatically enforced at runtime across different Kubernetes clusters and clouds.
  • Enhanced multi-cloud Kubernetes operations, including lifecycle management for Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) and AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), as well as cluster cost visibility powered by VMware Tanzu CloudHealth.
  • A developer portal offering curated app templates, secure supply chain automation, and support for open-source and DIY Backstage plugins.
  • An improved enterprise developer experience with Spring Framework 6, Spring Boot 3, .NET Core support, and deeper IDE integration.
  • A platform engineer admin console for configuring and managing Tanzu Application Platform capabilities and applications.

Discovery Limited, a global health insurance provider, leverages Tanzu Application Platform to enhance internal customer experiences, strengthen cloud security, and reduce public cloud spending by 40%.

Introducing VMware Tanzu Intelligence Services: Managing applications across multiple clouds poses challenges due to data and technology complexity. Tanzu Intelligence Services, powered by parts of the VMware Aria portfolio and a common data platform, simplifies platform engineering and cloud operations. These services proactively optimize application cost, performance, and security with integrated ML/AI capabilities.

Key innovations and enhancements include:

  • VMware Tanzu with Intelligent Assist (tech preview), which transforms operations from reactive to proactive with a chatbot experience powered by generative AI.
  • VMware Tanzu CloudHealth, featuring ML-powered forecasting (beta) for enhanced budget planning and dynamic Kubernetes rightsizing without downtime.
  • VMware Tanzu Insights, offering holistic visibility and deeper ML/AI-powered insights across distributed Kubernetes, AWS, and Azure environments.
  • VMware Tanzu Guardrails, improving multi-cloud governance through policy-based automation and automated policy enforcement.
  • VMware Tanzu Transformer, supporting app migration and modernization initiatives with planning workflows and APIs for third-party integrations (beta release).

These innovations empower organizations to navigate the complexities of modern application management and cloud operations more effectively.

VMware’s introduction of new offerings within VMware Tanzu, along with the unveiling of Tanzu Intelligence Services, marks a significant leap forward in the realm of application development, delivery, and optimization across diverse cloud environments. As businesses increasingly recognize the paramount importance of software agility and innovation, these solutions emerge as powerful tools to meet the evolving demands of the digital age. With a steadfast commitment to empowering developers, streamlining operations, and enhancing customer experiences, VMware continues to be at the forefront of driving transformation in the world of modern applications and multi-cloud deployments. These advancements underscore the company’s dedication to helping organizations thrive in a dynamic and competitive landscape, ultimately shaping the future of technology and business.