Advancement in Autonomous Workspaces with AI-Powered Integrations

Discover how VMware is revolutionizing workspaces with cutting-edge AI
integrations, bringing greater autonomy and efficiency to the modern workplace.

Utilizing data and intelligence is crucial in facilitating automation and implementing a successful hybrid work strategy. However, achieving maximum benefits necessitates a comprehensive approach. At VMware Explore 2023 in Las Vegas, VMware introduced modern AI integrations to the Anywhere Workspace platform, a component of the VMware Cross-Cloud services portfolio. These integrations automatically enhance employee experience, enable new vulnerability management use cases, and simplify application lifecycle management. VMware Anywhere Workspace stands out as the only hybrid work platform that seamlessly integrates digital employee experience (DEX), virtual desktop infrastructure and apps (VDI and DaaS), unified endpoint management (UEM), and security, ensuring a secure workspace across various devices and locations.

Shankar Iyer, Senior Vice President and General Manager of End-User Computing at VMware, stated, “Last year, we unveiled our Autonomous Workspace vision as a strategic approach for organizations grappling with the challenges posed by hybrid work. We are excited to introduce new advancements for our customers, expanding data sources and insights, collaborating with technology partners to enhance security, and unifying app delivery strategies across all virtual desktops and apps. These innovations are in line with our vision of providing the next generation of digital workspaces.”

Integrated AI-Driven Platform Enhances Experience Management

VMware continues to harness the power of data, intelligence, and automation to enhance both employee and IT experiences. They have introduced new Insights and Playbooks based on extensive data and machine learning algorithms, which significantly enhance DEX remediation capabilities. These updates widen access to data, reinforce VMware Insights, and enable the remediation of a broader range of issues. Additionally, VMware will now deliver new app performance scores, in addition to the existing scores for mobile devices, desktops, and virtual environments. If a SaaS app service experiences downtime, IT receives proactive alerts, and employees are automatically notified. This streamlines the resolution process for IT, eliminating the need for handling inbound support tickets and preventing employees from wasting time trying to access unavailable services.

However, merely providing IT with more data is not sufficient to empower them to work more efficiently. VMware’s AI-driven Insights feature now includes anomaly detection, which alerts IT to potential experience issues for frontline devices and VDI environments, in addition to mobile and desktop environments. The announcement of new Playbooks allows IT to create step-by-step remediation workflows for more efficient incident resolution and leverages success rate analytics to automate the resolution process, optimizing it over time.

George March, Manager of Digital Workspace and Development at Information Technology, USA Health, shared his experience: “Workspace ONE intelligence has been a game changer for us in automating lifecycle management within UEM. We have utilized it to automatically tag devices and assign them to smart groups. We have also employed various dashboard templates for monitoring our security posture and aiding in the remediation of high-risk security threats. Our next step is to implement the ITSM connector, and with the addition of remediation playbooks, we are eagerly anticipating the streamlining of workflows for our help desk support teams.”

Unique Partner Integration Enhances Security and Manageability

Ensuring end-to-end manageability and security for today’s dispersed workforce is critical and demands a holistic approach encompassing vulnerability assessment, prioritization, remediation, out-of-band support, and reporting. Collaborating with a best-of-breed partner ecosystem that offers speed, breadth, and depth in vulnerability management is essential to guard against sophisticated attack vectors. VMware is committed to innovating alongside its technology partners to deliver customers more secure and seamless hybrid experiences.

VMware is furthering this mission by announcing an expanded partnership with Intel, featuring a unique cloud-native integration of Workspace ONE with Intel vPro®. This integration simplifies the secure and remote management of work devices entirely from the cloud, eliminating the need for additional on-premises infrastructure and management software. Through line-of-sight and out-of-band management of vPro-powered devices, IT teams gain insight below the OS level, enhancing visibility to swiftly and efficiently reduce the impact of potential exploits. Using Workspace ONE, customers can centrally monitor Intel vPro-powered PCs and expedite patch remediation for devices located beyond office perimeters, even when those devices are sleeping or powered off. This bolsters security and compliance by achieving higher patch saturation with fewer remediation steps, reducing the potential disruption to employee productivity.

Streamlining Modern App Management in Virtual Environments

The management and delivery of apps across VDI, DaaS, and published app environments have become increasingly complex and inefficient due to the presence of silos created by legacy tools. VMware recently introduced Apps on Demand, powered by VMware App Volumes, to unify app management and intelligently deploy apps to published app hosts or non-persistent desktop environments, based on real-time app usage. Additionally, VMware has announced the expansion of App Volumes support to deliver apps on demand to persistent virtual desktops. This feature, currently in beta, allows customers with persistent VMware Horizon environments to capture their apps once and distribute them to multiple persistent virtual desktops. This automation simplifies app delivery, achieving up to 99% compatibility while reducing management time and costs for any desktop or published app environment. VMware App Volumes stands out as the only solution capable of helping organizations deliver and manage apps across VMware Horizon, Citrix, Microsoft, and Amazon virtual desktop and app deployments, aligning with VMware’s Apps Everywhere vision.

Boeing: A Pioneer in Hybrid Workforce Management

The Boeing Company (Boeing) has successfully implemented VMware Workspace ONE across the United States and in over 65 countries, supporting its global workforce of 140,000 employees responsible for developing, manufacturing, and servicing commercial airplanes, defense products, and space systems. At VMware Explore 2023 in Las Vegas, Boeing was honored as a ‘Hybrid Workforce Innovator’ as part of the 2023 VMware Customer Achievement Awards for the Americas. Boeing’s implementation of Workspace ONE has empowered its workforce to operate from anywhere in the world, enhancing the user experience while reinforcing and advancing device and application security.