Unlocking the Future of Digital Transformation with Generative AI

Discover how Kofax’s groundbreaking Azure OpenAI connector empowers TotalAgility with Generative AI, revolutionizing digital transformation.

Kofax, a well-known leader in the field of intelligent automation solutions for digital transformation, has introduced a new connector for Azure OpenAI within the Kofax Marketplace. This development enhances TotalAgility, the premier platform for content-rich intelligent automation workflows, by incorporating Generative AI capabilities. This integration enables organizations to extract deeper insights from their business data and make more agile decisions.

TotalAgility is already widely adopted by thousands of organizations globally to manage critical business processes. The addition of this connector underscores Kofax’s commitment to ongoing innovation. Customers can now seamlessly extend their TotalAgility workflows with various core Generative AI (GAI) functionalities, including:

  1. Deep Understanding: Analyzing unstructured text to discern meaning, emotion, and intent.
  2. Summarization: Efficiently condensing large volumes of content to facilitate faster decision-making.
  3. Tailored Responses: Automatically generating impactful responses to user queries and customer interactions within TotalAgility processes.

Adam Field, Senior Vice President of Product Strategy, shared, “The introduction of the Azure OpenAI connector into our platform underscores our vision of evolving with the demands of the modern business landscape. By infusing Generative AI into the robust TotalAgility platform, we’re offering our clients unprecedented tools which enhance worker productivity and accelerate decision-making capabilities.” 

In a time when global businesses face relentless pressure to boost productivity, the introduction of this new connector to the TotalAgility platform represents the next step in Kofax’s AI strategy. It also lays the foundation for exciting future enhancements involving Generative AI for TotalAgility, including:

  1. Generative AI-powered Assistant: This groundbreaking feature will revolutionize the developer experience, enabling the rapid transformation of visionary concepts into actionable workflows through natural language text prompts. The Generative AI Assistant empowers developers to quickly create processes, integrate back-end systems, design user interfaces, and receive best-practice guidance throughout development—in a matter of seconds.
  2. Generative AI-powered Data Extraction: By combining TotalAgility with cutting-edge language models, developers can easily request specific information from documents and witness the system intelligently retrieve it. This innovative approach will redefine intelligent document processing extraction and expedite the time to value.

The unveiling of the Azure OpenAI connector for TotalAgility marks a significant milestone in the realm of intelligent automation and Generative AI. Kofax’s dedication to enhancing productivity and enabling agile decision-making for organizations worldwide is evident in this latest innovation. With the promise of future advancements, such as the Generative AI-powered Assistant and Data Extraction capabilities, we can anticipate a transformative impact on the way businesses operate and harness the power of AI. As we look ahead, it is clear that the TotalAgility platform is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of digital transformation and intelligent automation.