AI Accelerate Partner Program for Enhanced AI Applications

Discover how Couchbase’s AI Accelerate Partner Program is elevating AI applications for customers, creating seamless integrations for advanced capabilities

Couchbase, Inc. has introduced the Couchbase AI Accelerate Partner Program today. This program is specifically designed to simplify the process for customers to create AI-powered applications using Couchbase Capella and seamlessly integrate them into the wider AI and data ecosystem. It aims to offer organizations the necessary resources to swiftly connect their platforms and tools with Couchbase Capella™, the industry-leading Database-as-a-Service. This approach reduces the challenges faced by customers when developing and deploying AI-driven application models.

The AI Accelerate Partner Program is a component of Couchbase PartnerEngage, a global partner initiative that grants organizations access to resources, advantages, tailored commercial arrangements, and crucial partnerships that enhance partner sales and profit potential. AI Accelerate creates collaborative opportunities for cloud service providers, independent software vendors, system integrators, and technology partners within the Couchbase PartnerEngage network. The advantages of becoming part of the AI Accelerate Partner Program encompass various areas such as go-to-market strategies, technical aspects, and enablement, which include:

  • Eligibility for early access to beta programs and the Couchbase AI development roadmap.
  • Personalized AI-focused workshops conducted by the Couchbase pre-sales team.
  • An expedited route for integration with Capella, along with eligibility for extended Capella trials.
  • Access to the Couchbase PartnerEngage portal, featuring valuable enablement resources and self-paced online training modules.
  • Opportunities for joint go-to-market efforts and eligibility for listing on the Couchbase website and other co-marketing investments.

Matt McDonough, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Strategy at Couchbase, stated, “Generative AI holds significant potential for how companies construct applications and the quality of experiences they can offer their clientele. Couchbase has a long history of investing in the partner ecosystem and strongly believes in collaborative efforts with partners, joint solutions, and integrations. This collaborative approach enables partners to provide the best possible customer experience, allowing customers to extract deeper insights and value from the data stored in Capella. To facilitate the development of AI-powered applications on Capella, we are partnering, building integrations, and aligning with other entities within the ecosystem. The newly introduced AI Accelerate Partner Program will ensure that our cloud database platform is well-positioned to play a pivotal role in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.”

For more information about the Couchbase AI Accelerate Partner Program, visit here.

“We are witnessing a time where organizations worldwide are transforming their businesses to be more AI-centric,” said Jorge Torres, co-founder and CEO of MindsDB. “At MindsDB, we empower companies to build AI applications fast by connecting their data sources to popular AI frameworks. Becoming part of the Couchbase AI Accelerate Partner Program was an easy decision because it aligns with our core mission of expanding AI’s accessibility to a broader spectrum of businesses. Together with Couchbase, we can provide valuable resources that help customers build AI-powered applications that will drive transformation.”