Bolstering Global Cybersecurity

Telstra International’s new Security Service Centre in Manila strengthens global cybersecurity. Stay protected with advanced solutions and expertise.

Telstra International, the global branch of the prominent telecommunications and technology company Telstra, has unveiled its new Telstra Security Service Centre (TSSC) in Manila, Philippines. This move aims to bolster its capabilities and expand its coverage in providing managed cybersecurity services to its worldwide clientele.

Telstra International’s managed security services amalgamate cyber expertise and threat intelligence, offering a suite of services that empower customers to effectively manage risks and stay vigilant against potential threats. Complementing this effort is Telstra Purple, the consulting and professional services division of Telstra, which supports customers through threat assessment, advisory services, compliance, and assurance.

The establishment of the TSSC in Manila is driven by the growing demand for cybersecurity solutions across the region. According to IDC, a leading analyst firm, global investments in cybersecurity-related hardware, software, and services are projected to approach USD $300 billion by 2026. This surge is propelled by the ongoing threat of cyberattacks, the imperative of securing hybrid work environments, and the necessity of complying with data privacy and governance regulations.

Positioned strategically in Asia, the new TSSC will collaborate closely with its global counterpart in the United Kingdom. This partnership aims to enhance and expand the provision of managed cybersecurity services, employing a 24/7/365 follow-the-sun coverage model. This initiative empowers Telstra International customers to fortify their cybersecurity posture by preventing, detecting, analyzing, responding to, and remediating cybersecurity incidents.

Alan Coburn, Cyber Security Technology Lead at Telstra International, emphasized the importance of meeting customers’ demands for real-time and effective cyber protection in the face of an increasingly complex cybersecurity landscape. Telstra International, as a trusted technology partner to corporations beyond Australia’s borders, is dedicated to providing robust security solutions to its customers. Every facet of the TSSC has been meticulously designed to enable the delivery of advanced cybersecurity services to meet these demands.

Telstra International’s inauguration of the Telstra Security Service Centre in Manila represents a significant stride towards fortifying global cybersecurity efforts. As cyber threats continue to evolve and proliferate, this new center’s commitment to real-time protection and proactive defense measures is paramount. Telstra International’s dedication to enhancing its managed security services through strategic partnerships and global reach ensures that its customers remain well-equipped to navigate the ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity, ultimately safeguarding their digital assets and operations.