Revolutionizing Cybersecurity Education in Singapore

Empowering Singapore’s future cybersecurity experts with hands-on training. Trend Micro and ITE partnership for a secure digital future.

Trend Micro Incorporated, a renowned global leader in the field of cybersecurity, has officially entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Singapore’s Institute of Technical Education (ITE). This strategic partnership is founded on a mutual commitment to nurture and enhance IT and cybersecurity proficiencies among ITE students. The primary objective of this collaboration is to prepare as many as 3,000 students over the next three years to meet the demands of the industry and workforce effectively.

This alliance is a timely response to the Singaporean government’s increased focus on fortifying the Information & Communications (I&C) sector, a move aimed at reinforcing Singapore’s stature as a digital hub. Within this context, building capacity and upskilling are focal points, as highlighted in the updated I&C Industry Transformation Map and forthcoming initiatives outlined in the Digital Enterprise Blueprint. Cybersecurity is notably one of the key technological domains in which the government seeks to foster substantial expertise.

As part of this cooperative effort, Trend Micro and ITE will collaborate in developing a curriculum that amplifies the specialization of cybersecurity within operational technology (OT) and its interconnectedness with information technology (IT). This curriculum will encompass the exchange and transfer of knowledge across various domains, including endpoints, networks, clouds, and OT, among others. Furthermore, this initiative will span both Pre-Employment Training (PET) and Continuing Education and Training (CET) programs offered by ITE. As a significant facet of capability development, Trend Micro will extend its industry-specific certifications to both its staff and students.

Dhanya Thakkar, Senior VP, Global Marketing & AMEA at Trend Micro, emphasized the growing interconnectivity between IT and OT systems, which has led to a surge in demand for competencies in both areas. Safeguarding IT and OT environments against cyber threats is pivotal to ensuring minimal disruptions in the lives of Singaporeans. Various critical infrastructures, from power and utilities to water treatment facilities, are witnessing an increasing convergence of IT and OT environments, making them susceptible to cyber threats.

Thakkar further underscored the importance of industry leaders like Trend Micro in bolstering cybersecurity competencies in this domain. The collaboration with ITE represents Trend Micro’s commitment to enhancing the technical skills of Singapore’s residents. Notably, this marks their inaugural collaboration involving industry certification for students in Singapore. Thakkar expressed enthusiasm for bridging the skills gap and empowering local talent to combat intricate cyber threats in the present and future.

Students enrolled in this program will receive hands-on, practical training to enhance their problem-solving abilities in the realm of OT-IT cybersecurity. This will be achieved through prototypes developed in collaboration with Trend Micro and ITE, closely mirroring real-world scenarios.

This initiative aligns with the government’s call for industry partners and higher education institutions, like ITE, to work together in crafting and delivering educational curricula. As elucidated in the refreshed I&C Industry Transformation Map, the primary goal is to continually equip students and graduates with the skills necessary to navigate a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Ms. Low Khah Gek, Chief Executive Officer of ITE, emphasized the pivotal role of cybersecurity in propelling Singapore’s digital economy and Smart Nation vision. Given the burgeoning demand for cybersecurity competencies, particularly in the field of Operational Technology (OT), the collaboration with Trend Micro is instrumental in preparing students for the industry. Through practical, hands-on training and the simulation of real-world scenarios, students will be well-prepared for successful careers in cybersecurity.

The partnership between Trend Micro and the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) represents a significant stride towards enhancing Singapore’s cybersecurity landscape and fostering a new generation of skilled professionals. As the government places a growing emphasis on strengthening the Information & Communications sector, this collaboration responds to the critical need for cybersecurity expertise in both IT and operational technology (OT). By imparting knowledge and hands-on experience to ITE students, this initiative not only prepares them for a dynamic and evolving technological future but also contributes to safeguarding Singapore’s digital infrastructure. With a commitment to empowering local talent and addressing the challenges of cybersecurity head-on, Trend Micro and ITE are taking a pivotal step towards a more secure and resilient digital ecosystem in Singapore.