Revolutionizing Digital Accessibility: Smart Communications and Google Cloud’s Groundbreaking Partnership

Discover how Smart Communications and Google Cloud are transforming mobile services for Filipinos, enhancing digital accessibility and connectivity in the Philippines. Explore their innovative collaboration.

Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart), the mobile services division of the PLDT Group, has joined forces with Google Cloud to enhance the accessibility of vital digital services for the Filipino population. Technical support for the implementation comes from Searce. This collaborative effort positions Smart as a pioneer among communication services providers (CSPs) in the Asia Pacific region, as it adopts Google Cloud’s AI-powered solution, Telecom Subscriber Insights. This solution harnesses data from various sources, offering contextual insights into subscriber behavior and personalized recommendations for service activation.

In light of the projected 20% annual growth of the Philippines’ digital economy through 2025, mobile connectivity plays an increasingly pivotal role in Filipinos’ access to essential services such as food delivery, transportation, and everyday purchases. Smart, utilizing Telecom Subscriber Insights to securely analyze customer data hosted on Google Cloud, aims to gain deeper insights into how Filipinos engage with digital services and the challenges they encounter in their daily usage. This insight will inform the development of services that empower Filipinos to better manage and optimize their mobile data consumption.

Additionally, Smart will use Telecom Subscriber Insights to design more inclusive mobile services by identifying connectivity patterns and gaps. Real-time customer data insights could enable Smart to help subscribers optimize data consumption during content streaming by suggesting resolution adjustments for videos. Subscribers may also receive prompts for topping up their prepaid plans through integrations with local digital payment services, eliminating the need to physically visit stores for prepaid load purchases.

Alex O. Caeg, Senior Vice President and Head of Consumer Business-Individual at Smart Communications, Inc., expressed their commitment to prioritizing customers and delivering a superior mobile experience, thanks to their collaboration with Google Cloud. He mentioned their dedication to serving Filipino mobile users when and where they need it.

Emmanuel C. Lorenzana, Chief Transformation and Customer Officer at PLDT Inc., noted that the rapid pace of digital change has increased concerns among Filipinos about running low on data at crucial moments. He stressed that Google Cloud’s enterprise-grade AI solutions will simplify, expedite, and make data services more affordable for subscribers, aligning with their evolving digital lifestyles and bolstering mobile connectivity nationwide.

Smart is exploring ways to enhance subscriber-agent interactions by integrating Google Cloud’s generative AI capabilities, including first-party foundation models for text summarization and ongoing conversations, with Telecom Subscriber Insights. This integration, facilitated by Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform, aims to offer subscribers natural-sounding virtual agents that provide tailored insights and optimization suggestions for personal data consumption.

Gabriele Di Piazza, Senior Director, Global Product Management, Telecommunications at Google Cloud, emphasized the importance of CSPs understanding complex datasets to deliver customized customer experiences, as the pressure on them to transform their services intensifies.

Malis Selamat, Country Manager for the Philippines and Vietnam at Google Cloud, highlighted how the use of Telecom Subscriber Insights by Smart demonstrates the potential for CSPs in Asia to support national digital transformation efforts while ensuring data privacy and informed consumer decision-making.

Lastly, Thomas Gourand, Chief Revenue Officer at Searce, underlined their commitment to empowering businesses through innovative solutions. Their partnership with Smart and Google Cloud to implement Telecom Subscriber Insights reflects the role of data intelligence and AI in enhancing customer experiences and mobile connectivity in the Philippines

the collaboration between Smart Communications and Google Cloud marks a significant stride in providing Filipinos with improved access to essential digital services. With the rapid growth of the Philippines’ digital economy, this partnership not only enhances connectivity but also empowers individuals to manage their data consumption effectively. By leveraging cutting-edge AI solutions, Smart is at the forefront of delivering a superior mobile experience, aligning with their commitment to always put their customers first. This endeavor exemplifies the transformative potential of data intelligence and AI in shaping a more connected and inclusive digital landscape for the Philippines.