Pioneering Southeast Asia’s Digital Transformation

Infinaxis Data Centre Platform’s groundbreaking in Cyberjaya marks the start of their Southeast Asia data center journey, promising a future of enhanced digital infrastructure and connectivity in the region. Learn more about their ambitious plans.

The groundbreaking ceremony for the Infinaxis Data Centre in Cyberjaya marked the official launch of this inaugural project by Infinaxis Data Centre Platform, a joint venture formed by a fund managed by Gaw Capital Partners and its partners. The platform, established in February 2023, is dedicated to investing in greenfield assets across Southeast Asia with the goal of creating a portfolio of Tier-3 certified data center facilities.

Situated in Cyberjaya, a prominent IDC hub in Malaysia, the initial investment encompasses two greenfield sites covering a total area of 12,490 square meters. The primary objective is to develop a 12 MW IT Load IDC facility with a Gross Floor Area (GFA) of 17,427 square meters on one of the plots, with construction expected to conclude in Q2 2025. The potential for doubling the IT capacity in the future is also being considered, with the second plot designated for expansion. More than 80% of the first phase has already been allocated through signed leases and customer letters of intent before construction began, with the remaining space intended for wholesale colocation customers.

Kenneth Gaw, President and Managing Principal of Gaw Capital Partners, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “We are delighted to witness this significant groundbreaking moment for Infinaxis Data Centre. It is a testament to our commitment to Malaysia’s thriving digital economy, and we believe in the nation’s economic potential. We look forward to contributing to digital transformation in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.”

Asia is recognized as a burgeoning frontier in the data center sector, offering ample opportunities. The Gaw Capital data center platform is poised to include data centers not only in Malaysia but also in China, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam.

Gaw Capital Partners is a unique private equity fund management firm with a strategic focus on real estate markets in the Asia Pacific region and other global markets with high entry barriers. They specialize in enhancing the value of underutilized real estate through redesign and repositioning. Gaw Capital operates a comprehensive business model with in-house asset management platforms spanning commercial, hospitality, property development, logistics, IDC, and education. Their investments encompass various real estate sectors, including residential development, office spaces, retail malls, serviced apartments, hotels, logistics warehouses, and IDC projects.

Since 2005, Gaw Capital has raised seven commingled funds dedicated to the APAC region. In addition to this, they manage value-add/opportunistic funds in the United States, Pan-Asia hospitality funds, European hospitality funds, a Growth Equity Fund, and provide services for credit investments and direct investments in separate accounts on a global scale.

Infinaxis Data Centre Platform’s groundbreaking ceremony for the Infinaxis Data Centre in Cyberjaya signifies the beginning of an exciting journey in Southeast Asia’s data center landscape. As this ambitious project takes shape, it exemplifies the commitment of Infinaxis Data Centre Platform, Gaw Capital Partners, and their partners to foster digital transformation in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. With a strong foothold in the dynamic data center market of the region, combined with their track record of strategic real estate investments, the future holds great promise for this venture. Infinaxis Data Centre Platform’s vision of enhancing digital infrastructure and connectivity in the heart of Southeast Asia continues to position them as a pivotal player in this ever-evolving technological landscape.