Powering the Future of Data-Driven Business

Discover how Denodo’s latest data management enhancements empower organizations to democratize data usage, optimize cost management, and enhance self-service capabilities for better business outcomes in the digital transformation era.

Denodo, a prominent player in the field of data management, has announced significant upgrades to the Denodo Platform today. These enhancements are designed to facilitate widespread utilization of data across organizations through generative AI, ensure consistent security and cost management policies, and empower business users with self-service capabilities to create their own data products. This announcement comes shortly after Denodo secured a substantial $336 million investment from TPG, underscoring their mission to revolutionize how organizations innovate and conduct their business operations by unifying real-time data assets and making data universally accessible and secure for all users and business applications.

Sanjeev Mohan, Principal at SanjMo and former Gartner Research VP for Data and Analytics, emphasized the importance of placing data at the forefront of every organization striving to be data-driven and competitive in the digital transformation era. He pointed out that data is often buried, complex to access, and elusive for business users, hindering its potential to enhance business processes and decision-making and leverage new technologies like GenAI. Denodo’s approach focuses on data integration, management, and delivery to help businesses extract maximum value from their initiatives.

As organizations expand their deployment of data products and embark on new data analytics projects across various platforms and cloud systems, they face several challenges. The latest features in the Denodo Platform address these challenges by providing a reliable and trustworthy data foundation to enhance cloud and data lake access and ensure optimal performance. Through self-service business intelligence, data science, hybrid/multi-cloud data integration, and enterprise data services, Denodo continues to push the boundaries of data management using a logical approach.

The key enhancements to the Denodo Platform offer the following benefits to companies:

  1. Democratizing data usage with generative AI, allowing business users to interact with data using natural language, without requiring SQL skills or access to BI tools. This includes pre-built integrations with ChatGPT and Azure OpenAI, providing natural-language access to all datasets governed by the Denodo Platform.
  2. Empowering business teams to develop self-service data products for collaboration and data sharing within and outside the enterprise. Data users can create, deliver, and share datasets within the Denodo Data Catalog using user-friendly tools and an embedded SQL shell.
  3. Leveraging a FinOps dashboard to control costs and optimize workloads across diverse databases, data lakes, and other data platforms in use, thereby improving cloud cost savings.
  4. Optimizing data processing workloads for performance and cost as data volumes grow through embedded massively parallel processing (MPP) capabilities based on Presto, the leading open-source parallel SQL query engine.
  5. Simplifying the management of fine-grained access control policies to ensure enterprise-wide privacy compliance. Data owners can manage access controls for derived views, control downstream access to data products, and synchronize tags and security classifications automatically from tools like Collibra.

In conclusion, Denodo’s latest enhancements to the Denodo Platform empower organizations to strengthen data security, enhance self-service capabilities for business teams, and gain control over financial operations to improve performance and overall profitability. These advancements are essential for organizations striving to excel in data-driven and competitive environments while adapting to the challenges of the digital transformation era.