New Standards with Sustainable Data Center Launched in Singapore

Discover OVHcloud’s cutting-edge sustainable data center in Singapore, pioneering water cooling technology for eco-friendly operations. Learn about their strategic expansion plans, exceptional sustainability standards, and commitment to delivering high-performance, secure cloud solutions in the Asia-Pacific region.

OVHcloud, a prominent European cloud provider, has revealed the inauguration of its second data center in Singapore, marking a significant step in the establishment of its most environmentally conscious data center in the Asia-Pacific region. This launch aligns with OVHcloud’s global strategic initiative to set up 15 new sites by 2024. Following the March launch of its initial data center in Mumbai and an upcoming site in Sydney next year, this expansion aims to enhance the availability of reliable, secure, and independent cloud solutions, meeting the escalating digital demands of customers.

This newly launched data center in Singapore employs OVHcloud’s advanced water cooling technology, setting a precedent for eco-friendly data centers in the region. With superior sustainability metrics and increased server density, it represents a substantial advancement, especially considering Singapore’s lifting of the 2019 data center moratorium and the implementation of stricter criteria emphasizing a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.3 or better. This move aligns with efforts to curb carbon emissions and bolster the digital economy.

Michel Paulin, OVHcloud’s CEO, emphasized Singapore’s significance as a digital hub in the Asia-Pacific and the necessity for sustainable data centers to reduce the carbon footprint while supporting the computational requirements of emerging technologies like Generative AI. OVHcloud’s extensive experience in water cooling technology positions them well to deliver sustainable cloud solutions that adapt to evolving digital needs.

Drawing on two decades of industrial innovation, OVHcloud has honed its proprietary water cooling technology. The latest data center incorporates an integrated water cooling system within a vertical rack structure, eliminating the need for air conditioning in server rooms. This design not only reduces costs but also minimizes environmental impact significantly. Impressively, it only requires a single glass of water to cool an OVHcloud server over 10 hours, in contrast to the considerably higher water consumption of other servers available in the market.

These technological advancements have enabled OVHcloud to achieve remarkable sustainability standards, boasting a PUE of 1.29, a WUE of 0.30l/kWh, and a CUE of 0.18—substantially lower than industry averages. By manufacturing their own racks and servers, OVHcloud has established an integrated industrial model that fosters sustainability, adapting its infrastructure to operate efficiently in diverse climates.

Terry Maiolo, Vice President and General Manager of APAC at OVHcloud, highlighted how these latest data centers, coupled with enhanced computing and storage capabilities, will empower customers in Singapore and the broader region. The focus remains on delivering high-performance, sustainable cloud solutions with predictable performance-price ratios while ensuring data security and compliance within Asia’s evolving regulatory landscape.

OVHcloud’s launch of its innovative data center in Singapore marks a milestone in sustainable technology, showcasing advanced water cooling systems and exceptional eco-friendly practices. With a commitment to meeting evolving digital needs, their pioneering approach not only sets higher standards for data centers but also emphasizes their dedication to providing secure, high-performance, and environmentally conscious cloud solutions in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.