Revolutionizing Singapore’s Defense with AI-Powered Solutions

Discover how CSIT and Google Cloud’s partnership pioneers AI-driven solutions for Singapore’s defense challenges, ensuring robust security while leveraging cutting-edge technology.

The Centre for Strategic Infocomm Technologies (CSIT) and Google Cloud have announced their collaboration to pilot the utilization of Google Distributed Cloud Hosted (GDC Hosted) in supporting CSIT’s initiative to leverage AI in addressing defense and security challenges in Singapore.

CSIT, as part of the Defense Technology Community, has been working alongside Google Cloud, sharing its use cases and technical requirements to enhance the capabilities of GDC Hosted. In this pilot program, CSIT will experiment with deploying GDC Hosted on-site, leveraging its integrated data management tools and pre-trained machine learning capacities to handle sensitive data.

GDC Hosted serves as a cloud platform for public sector entities and heavily regulated industries, functioning without direct connectivity to Google Cloud or the public internet. This setup allows organizations to run their workloads within their data centers, accessing cloud-like services in terms of functionality, adaptability, and scalability. This includes the capacity to create clusters across various GDC Hosted zones for added resilience against system failures and flexible options to integrate additional computing resources, such as specialized graphics processing units (GPUs) optimized for demanding AI tasks.

Empowering defense with AI

Engineered to meet stringent data, operational, and software sovereignty demands, GDC Hosted incorporates advanced AI and database services like Vertex AI and AlloyDB Omni, offering heightened control and transparency over sensitive data. Updates to GDC Hosted, including Google Cloud’s pre-trained AI models, are accessed through secure hardware and installed by the customer themselves. As a GDC Hosted user, CSIT retains complete operational control over all data and software, ensuring the safety and security of crucial workloads.

Constructed using leading open-source elements like Kubernetes, GDC Hosted also grants access to familiar developer tools, enabling CSIT’s technical personnel to operate GDC Hosted and its applications with minimal retraining.

“CSIT develops digital capabilities for defense and security, particularly in cyber defense. The partnership with Google Cloud for GDC Hosted enables us to leverage their expertise in data management, cloud technologies, and AI while maintaining the security of sensitive data,” stated Darren Teo, Chief Executive of the Centre for Strategic Infocomm Technologies.

“By offering comprehensive isolation alongside integrated AI services and access to an open ecosystem, GDC Hosted amalgamates the advantages of managed and scalable infrastructure for running critical workloads with operational adaptability,” mentioned Mitesh Agarwal, Managing Director, Technology and Solutions, Asia Pacific, Google Cloud. “Collaborating with CSIT to meet its specific requirements for handling sensitive data, we aim to further contribute to their endeavors in staying ahead in the evolving cyber defense landscape.”

The partnership between CSIT and Google Cloud signifies a pivotal step towards fortifying Singapore’s defense and security apparatus through cutting-edge AI and robust data management solutions. This collaboration underscores the commitment to innovation, sovereignty, and security, ensuring that CSIT remains at the forefront of cyber defense evolution. By leveraging the prowess of GDC Hosted and Google Cloud’s expertise, this initiative sets a precedent for fostering technological advancements while safeguarding sensitive data—a testament to the enduring synergy between public and private sectors in addressing the ever-evolving challenges of national security.