Virtual bank Mox appoints new C-suite leaders

Christian Piccardi (left)
and David Walker (right)

CIO and CDSIO (respectively), Mox

Mox, a Hong Kong-based virtual bank, has hired two C-suite leaders. Christian Piccardi is appointed as CIO. He succeeds David Walker who was interim CIO and chief information security officer. Walker, who joined in January 2020, will move on to be chief data, security and innovation officer (CDSIO).

Piccardi has over 25 years of experience, most recently from ING Austria where he led its technology operations as its CIO. Both appointments report directly to Mox chief executive Barbaros Uygun.

“Mox is growing quickly, and our needs continue to expand. We’re delighted to have [Piccardi] joining us as our new CIO. His solid experience in bringing fintech innovations to the banking industry will help Mox to drive up efficiency, maximize new market opportunities, and achieve our vision of being the benchmark for digital banking,” said Barbaros Uygun.

“I am now excited to see [Walker] in the new CDSIO role where he’ll have added responsibility for end-to-end data management and innovation to bring services and customer benefits to a new level.”