Phuket COVID Care Platform gets cloud service provider

Tencent Cloud to manage COVID-19 public info of Phuket on cloud

Tencent Cloud, the cloud business of global technology company Tencent, today announced to collaborate with Thipparath Business Group as the cloud solution provider to create a central  platform for Phuket Organizations COVID Care (POCC) management, which serves as an online central  communication channel between the public and Phuket provincial administrations and all sectors in Phuket,  Thailand.  

Commissioned by the Phuket Provincial Administration, Thipparath Business Group has selected Tencent  Cloud to develop the POCC Central Management Platform to be utilized as a proactive measure to respond  and maintain the public’s quick access amid the spread of COVID-19. According to Dr. Bancha Kakong, Vice  Chairman of the Phuket Provincial Administrative Hospital Board and Special Advisor to the Chief of  Phuket Provincial Administration, the POCC platform’s operations have now been expanded to support  home isolation treatment for people in Phuket. The general public can register for the program and receive  aid with regular support from health specialists.  

Thalang Hospital, headed by its hospital director Dr. Bunpot Pankluab, was one of the first hospitals under  the POCC platform, along with Thalang District Public Health Office and all sub-district Health Promoting  Hospitals (HPH), to conduct home isolation procedures specially serving mildly symptomatic patients. The  hospital requires all new COVID-19 cases in the district to register through the POCC system. It also plans to  expand its COVID-19 patient treatment with POCC systems such as the preparation of the pre-examination  registration system and online medical certificate issuance, as well as consultations and advice via  telemedicine.  

Krittee Manoleehagul, Vice President of Tencent Cloud International for Southeast Asia, said, “Tencent  Cloud is pleased to lend its expertise in cloud and AI, as well as infrastructure strength, to help Thipparath  Business Group’s POCC platform flourish. We also have two data centers in Thailand which help increase 

processing capacity and accelerate operations. We would like to commend Thipparath Business Group for  developing this solution with thoughtfulness and sending teams to the area to closely support the work of  the authorities for Phuket to effectively manage the COVID-19 situation and comply with Phuket’s master plan policies.” 

Ms. Thiparee Kitjapipat, Managing Director of Thipparath Business Group Co., Ltd., stated, “The POCC  platform initially focuses on providing people with access to health services for self-care, assisting in  situations where there are many infected cases to reduce density in healthcare facilities, and lowering the  dangers of spreading the illness. We believe that our collaboration with Tencent Cloud, which allows us to  utilize its high-quality and high-performance cloud technologies, will help us do our duties more efficiently  and ensure the health of residents and tourists in Phuket.”  

The POCC platform is available to the public, health professionals, local operators, and top provincial officials  from both the public and private sectors in Phuket. It is associated with various public health services  addressing pandemic-related concerns, including self-risk assessment, Antigen Test Kits (ATK) request,  home isolation, and educating the public about Phuket’s COVID-19 situation. Other health services may be  modified or added in the future to improve the mobility and efficiency of relevant agencies.