Asia Pacific’s leaders in cybersecurity

The 3rd CybersecAsia Awards honors Asia Pacific’s leaders in cybersecurity for the critical roles played and the huge advances and innovations made over the last two years.

Over the last two years, organizations across Asia Pacific have grown much more aware about cybersecurity – what with many high-profile global, regional and local security breaches hogging the headlines – and Board and C-suite executives have had to consider the consequences of more stringent compliance requirements and business reputation.

However, the heightened awareness, education and investments in cybersecurity has also been met by a growing onslaught of cyber-threats and attacks.

Fortunately for CISOs and cybersecurity teams in the region, solution and service providers have also been innovating and working closely with governments, industry partners and enterprises for counterstrategies and solutions.

This year’s CybersecAsia Readers’ Choice Awards saw 42 cybersecurity solution and service providers submitting 96 nominations in 17 main categories – and a special recognition Rising Star Awards category for newcomers to the Asia Pacific region. Our editors culled the list to 85 submissions, and these were put up online for readers’ votes for a month.

Each of the 764 qualified voters – from end-user organizations in the region – was allowed to give their nods to two vendors in each category, and the nominees with the highest vote count in each category emerged as the winners.

This year being the third year of the Awards, a prestigious Hall of Fame has also been set up to honor cybersecurity leaders and innovators who have won a CybersecAsia award every year for the last three years.

And the 25 winners are…

  • Barracuda Networks – Best in AI-Based Cybersecurity
  • Micro Focus – Best in Application Security
  • Zscaler – Best in Cloud Security
  • Hillstone Networks – Best in Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • ExtraHop – Best in Data Center & Network Security
  • Thales CPL – Best in Data Privacy & Protection
  • Nexusguard – Best in DDoS Defense
  • BlackBerry – Best in Extended/Endpoint Detection and Response
  • HID Global – Best in Identity & Access Management
  • Viettel Cyber Security – Best in Online Fraud Management
  • SonicWall – Best in Mobile & Remote Security
  • Claroty – Best in IoT & Supply Chain Security
  • Kaspersky – Best in Ransomware/Malware Defense
  • LogRhythm – Best in Security Information & Event Management
  • Securonix – Best in SOAR
  • Utimaco – Best in Security-as-a-Service
  • Tenable – Best in Vulnerability Management