Consumers in Singapore Tell Brands What Annoys Them Most

One of the most comprehensive customer experience studies ever undertaken in Singapore reveals more industries have below average NPS scores

Customers want to see improvements made to mobile app, payments, and omni-channel experiences

Streaming services, automotive manufacturers and digital wallet providers have the most loyal customers in Singapore, while ride hailing, parcel delivery service, and retail companies have the least according to one of the most comprehensive customer experience studies ever taken in the country and launched today by Qualtrics’ and SAP’s Center for Experience Management. 

For organisations wanting to keep their new and existing customers satisfied, engaged, and loyal in 2023, prioritising the mobile app experience, payments experience, and cross-channel experience will be critical. And with more categories falling below Singapore’s average NPS score than above, not to mention poor customer experiences putting 5.3% of a business’ revenue at risk and evolving demands and preferences, taking action to improve the customer experience is more important than ever.

Drawing on responses from more than 2,720 consumers in Singapore, The Customer Experience Edge Singapore 2023 provides a rare insight into the Net Promoter Score (NPS) across 19 everyday consumer categories in Singapore, and the ability for organisations to benchmark their scores against industry averages. The study is the first to be launched by the Center for Experience Management – an initiative focused on advancing experience management capabilities across Asia, and backed by Qualtrics and SAP, with the support of Digital Industry Singapore (DISG). 

“For one of the first times ever, companies in Singapore have access to industry average scores for consumer loyalty and satisfaction, equipping them with comparative data to better understand the types of services and engagements people in Singapore want,” said Lara Truelove, author of the report and Program Lead for the Center for Experience Management. “At a time when consumers are more careful about their spending and considering different brands, findings from the study show there is a significant need and opportunity for brands to build deeper connections with their customers, while highlighting the important role digital services and offerings will play in this.”

What will help make customers happy

Rudeness of staff, technical failures, the value of service being diminished, time wasting, and being unable to access help are some of the most commonly cited incidents that annoy customers and can negatively impact consumer loyalty in Singapore. In contrast, positive customer experiences and endorsements are associated with value for money, product range, quality, and usability, helpful service, and efficient processes.

When it comes to the customer experience improvements consumers in Singapore would like to see, mobile application ease of use is one of the top three improvements desired across two thirds of all categories. Payment options is the second most commonly mentioned area needing improvement.

These findings are echoed in the customer experience initiatives consumers want to see introduced: increase the number of services I can perform on mobile apps (40%), have a more human touch making it easier to meet or see a real person (40%), and seamless experience across digital devices (36%).

“Customers today expect a personalised experience that is relevant and seamless, and companies need to understand that expectations are shifting rapidly in today’s highly competitive landscape. Business leaders need to prioritise creating exceptional customer experiences to differentiate and build long term relationships with their customers, which will ultimately drive sustainable growth and value for their organisations,” said Eileen Chua, Managing Director, Singapore.

“At SAP, we empower our customers to be sustainable, intelligent and networked enterprises to create a better future for all through customer-centric innovation, and deliver the dynamic, connected and memorable journeys that build loyal relationships that keep customers coming back. It is our mission to provide a delightful customer experience that inspires people to share positive stories about our business and that of our customers,” added Chua.

Singaporeans more likely to leave a positive review than a complaint

Despite calling for a number of improvements to the customer experience brands deliver, consumers in Singapore are more likely to leave positive feedback than negative. When leaving feedback, more than a third (37%) said they’ve recommended the company compared to 22% who left a complaint.

Consumers are most likely to use the mobile app, company website, and email to give feedback. A company’s social media page and review sites are also popular channels, while making a telephone call is regularly used for giving negative feedback.

“Organisations across Singapore have only scratched the surface when it comes to listening and taking action on customer feedback, with unstructured feedback from the contact centre, social media channels, in-app feedback, and online review sites a treasure trove of untapped information. Using platforms like Qualtrics, organisations can unlock the full value of the data at their fingertips by bringing it all together on a single platform to help quickly identify and resolve points of friction across all digital and human touchpoints, which will ultimately lead to improved customer service,” said Mao Gen Foo, Head of Southeast Asia, Qualtrics.