Lumen Technologies and KnowBe4 Team Up to Boost Cybersecurity Awareness in APAC

New Managed Security Awareness Service will help strengthen ‘human firewalls’ in organisations by training and preparing employees for cybersecurity risks

Lumen Technologies (NYSE: LUMN), a prominent global provider of cloud computing platforms and solutions, has formed a strategic partnership with KnowBe4, the leading provider of security awareness training and simulated phishing platforms. The collaboration aims to enhance cyber awareness and foster a comprehensive security culture among organizations in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.

Through this partnership, Lumen expands its range of security solutions by introducing Managed Cybersecurity Security Awareness Training and Phishing Test Campaigns. This initiative aligns with Lumen’s meticulous approach to cybersecurity and its commitment to real-time threat intelligence, guided by the principles of ‘See More, Stop More.’

As part of Lumen’s Managed Security Awareness Service, customers gain access to an extensive array of cybersecurity training capabilities, combined with simulated phishing test campaigns that pinpoint vulnerabilities in security knowledge. In addition, the service offers comprehensive compliance reports and follow-up recommendations, augmenting an organization’s security posture through data-driven risk assessments.

Cheah Wai Kit, Senior Director of APAC Products and Practices at Lumen Technologies, emphasizes the increasing exposure of organizations to evolving cyber threats such as phishing, social engineering, DDoS attacks, and ransomware. Human errors have emerged as the primary cause of cyberattacks in the APAC region. Recognizing the pivotal role people play as the last line of defense, Lumen and KnowBe4 have joined forces to reinforce the “human firewall” through regular employee education on risk awareness and vigilance.

Wai Kit further highlights the advantages of this partnership, stating that Lumen customers gain access to a wide range of cybersecurity awareness training content and phishing tests. Leveraging Lumen’s industry-leading security credentials, advisory services, advanced threat detection expertise, and KnowBe4’s integrated security awareness training platform, the collaboration serves to protect organizations and proactively reduce cyber risks. Equipped with robust metrics and data-led strategies, Lumen helps customers in the region establish a structured cybersecurity awareness program and robust compliance standards across their entire organization.

The APAC region, undergoing rapid digitalization, has witnessed several cybersecurity incidents and data breaches, making increased cybersecurity knowledge and awareness training imperative in preventing users from falling victim to phishing attempts. Research by KnowBe4 reveals a significant decrease in the Phish-proneTM Percentage of users in APAC organizations, dropping from 34.5% to a mere 5.4% after one year or more of security awareness training combined with frequent simulated phishing tests.

Tony Jennings, EVP of International and Global Channel Sales at KnowBe4, expresses enthusiasm about working with Lumen Technologies in APAC to deliver security awareness training and simulated phishing platforms to a broader range of organizations in the region. The partnership presents numerous opportunities to assist organizations in better managing the persistent challenge of social engineering. Furthermore, it enables Lumen Technologies to fortify the “human firewall” and other platform defenses through its comprehensive suite of security solutions, resulting in a substantial impact on customers. This collaboration represents an exceptional opportunity to drive genuine behavioral change and ultimately enhance security culture.

Lumen’s enhanced Managed Security Awareness Service is designed to safeguard organizations and employees from falling victim to phishing attacks. The program offers a structured and compliant approach to delivering security awareness training, incorporating intelligent tracking and reporting capabilities that provide increased assurance for cyber insurance providers.