AI Singapore to Unleash the Full Potential of AI In Their Latest Partnership 

Discover how the groundbreaking collaboration between Run:ai and AI Singapore is set to revolutionize the AI landscape, driving unprecedented advancements and unlocking the true power of artificial intelligence.

Run:ai, the industry leader in compute orchestration for AI workloads, has been chosen as a strategic partner by AI Singapore, the national research and development program spearheaded by the National Research Foundation, Singapore. This groundbreaking collaboration aims to deliver scalable infrastructure solutions for a wide range of AI projects and support AI Singapore’s mission of driving AI adoption across industries.

With a global race for AI dominance in progress, nations worldwide are heavily investing to gain a competitive edge. Over 50 countries have already unveiled their national strategies for AI development, intensifying the competition. Singapore has set ambitious goals to lead the charge and become a global frontrunner in AI development and deployment by 2030.

As the focal point for Singapore’s national AI program, AI Singapore plays a pivotal role in facilitating the adoption of AI solutions by organizations. Through their flagship initiative, the 100 Experiments Programme (100E), and the acclaimed AI Apprenticeship Programme (AIAP), they have collaborated with more than 60 companies and trained over 200 Singaporean AI engineers. Together, they have successfully developed, tested, and deployed hundreds of AI models addressing real-world challenges. However, the dynamic nature and scale of AI workloads pose significant challenges in effectively distributing compute resources, including GPUs, across diverse projects, spanning both on-premise and cloud infrastructures.

Run:ai’s cutting-edge platform provides an optimal solution for organizations grappling with the complexities of managing multiple AI projects. By automating the scaling and scheduling of GPU resources, the platform empowers businesses to achieve greater operational efficiency. It offers transparent visibility into GPU consumption and usage, simplifying resource management and enabling organizations to optimize their AI initiatives across different environments.

“Efficient resource and infrastructure management are vital to support our diverse portfolio of AI projects,” stated Laurence Liew, Director of AI Innovation at AI Singapore. “By streamlining resource allocation, we can reduce costs and environmental impact while delivering enhanced value to our stakeholders and partners. Run:ai is a key enabler of this process, providing us with the necessary tools and insights to optimize our AI workflows and infrastructure. We are thrilled to collaborate with Run:ai and leverage their innovative and scalable technology.”

Recognizing the critical role of AI for every country, Omri Geller, CEO, and co-founder of Run:ai emphasized, “We firmly believe that our solution will play a pivotal role in enabling AI Singapore to meet the evolving AI development needs of their community, including startups, universities, and businesses embarking on AI projects.”

With Run:ai’s expertise and AI Singapore’s national influence, this strategic partnership promises to revolutionize AI adoption, foster innovation, and position Singapore at the forefront of AI advancement. As the race for AI dominance escalates, this collaboration is a testament to the commitment of both organizations in driving transformative AI solutions for the benefit of the industry and society as a whole.