Cohesity Expands Data Security Alliance and Accelerates Innovation in the Fight Against Cyber Threats

Explore how Cohesity’s comprehensive approach to data security and management is revolutionizing the fight against ransomware and advancing enterprise protection.

Cohesity, a renowned leader in data security and management, made a significant announcement during its three-day virtual summit, Catalyst. The company unveiled the expansion and rapid innovation of its Data Security Alliance, welcoming new members including Netskope, ServiceNow, and Zscaler. Furthermore, Cohesity introduced new integrations with CrowdStrike and ServiceNow, along with an updated integration with Tenable. 

The Data Security Alliance, established in November 2022, encompasses a comprehensive approach to security by facilitating collaboration and sharing context between leading vendors in cybersecurity, data security and management, and services. This article explores the importance of such alliances in the global enterprise landscape and highlights the key partnerships and integrations that fortify Cohesity’s position in combating cyber threats.

The Demand for Integrated Anti-Ransomware Solutions

A forthcoming global research study commissioned by Cohesity, in collaboration with BigID and Tenable, reveals the increasing demand for integrated anti-ransomware solutions among IT and security professionals. The study, which polled over 3,000 respondents, emphasizes that 87% of participants believe data security and management, as well as cybersecurity companies, should join forces to effectively combat ransomware threats.

New Data Security Alliance Partners

Cohesity expanded its Data Security Alliance by welcoming prominent industry leaders as new partners. These partnerships aim to address specific security challenges and provide enhanced protection against cyber threats.

Netskope: Cohesity’s collaboration with Netskope enhances data protection, particularly against double-extortion ransomware attacks. Cohesity’s zero-trust protection of immutable backup data ensures availability for recovery in case of encrypted production data. Leveraging Netskope’s Intelligent Security Service Edge (SSE) platform, enterprises gain AI-powered visibility and control over sensitive data, reducing the attack surface and safeguarding against data exfiltration.

ServiceNow: Through ServiceNow Security Operations (SecOps), Cohesity integrates incident data from the Cohesity Data Cloud into a structured response engine. This integration empowers organizations to prioritize and resolve threats efficiently, leveraging intelligent workflows and automation, thereby mitigating potential risks effectively.

Zscaler: Recognizing the paramount importance of data protection, Cohesity joins forces with Zscaler, enabling customers to leverage Zscaler’s industry-leading Zero Trust security. Cohesity’s classification of backup data and information sharing with Zscaler strengthens the security of cloud-based communication channels. The integration incorporates AI-powered data discovery and automated threat protection, ensuring precise enforcement of outbound traffic policies and aligning with data protection guidelines.

Advanced Integrations for Enhanced Threat Detection

In addition to new partnerships, Cohesity has advanced its integrations with existing Data Security Alliance members to accelerate threat detection capabilities.

CrowdStrike: Cohesity’s integration with CrowdStrike provides closed-loop detection and response for attacks within the CrowdStrike Falcon platform. The collaboration enriches visibility in the Falcon LogScale dashboard, enabling fast correlation, investigation, and response to incidents.

ServiceNow: With the addition of closed-loop detection and response capabilities for ransomware attacks, Cohesity strengthens its integration with ServiceNow’s Security Operations (SecOps). This integration empowers teams to rapidly address threats based on their potential impact to the business, leveraging intelligent workflows and the IT service management (ITSM) solution.

Tenable: Cohesity introduces an updated integration with Tenable, powering the marketplace app CyberScan. This re-architected integration provides improved scalability, enabling rapid scanning of snapshots and meeting demanding SLA and RTO requirements. The enhanced vulnerability scanning capabilities enhance proactive cyber resilience best practices.

Cohesity’s expansion of the Data Security Alliance and its comprehensive integrations with leading security providers demonstrate the company’s commitment to addressing the persistent threat of cyberattacks. By fostering collaboration between data management and security experts, Cohesity empowers enterprises to strengthen their cyber resilience and defend against increasingly sophisticated threats. The company’s vision aligns with the industry’s demand for integrated anti-ransomware solutions, as highlighted in a recent study. As Cohesity continues to advance its strategic partnerships and integration capabilities, it reinforces its position as a key player in the fight against cyber threats, offering enterprises the comprehensive solutions necessary to protect their valuable data, people, and organizations.